Morgan's First Birthday Party

Remember that old song that went like, "it's my party, and I can cry if I want to"? Well, Morgan not only cried, but held her breath and then puked!! But again, it was her
party, so she can do what she wants. Morgan won't officially be one until next Saturday, but this was the only time we could do the party. A Saturday night, after work on a holiday week-end. I bit tough, but fun none the less. Below are some pictures of "my kids & family"! And if you notice the tv is also on it was because of the Laker play-off game. And that just added to the noise level of little kids running around cracked out on eating the cake frosting!!

Yes, that is Carolina under the table!! Why? I'm not sure but it did make a cute picture! You know, these are the things in my life that mean the most to me. Not extravagant, not a huge formal affair, just spending time with those that I love. I couldn't be happier! And since it "is" Monday, the morning after "BSC" Sunday, I'm trying to focus on Morgan's birthday than our crazy day yesterday. Here is how it started. Some knucklehead stole the padlock off the bathroom door! Why do you steal the lock without a key? Do you know the answer, I do?? Because it was "BSC" Sunday!!!!


The Busy Blue Canoe

Tim and Lisa, Blue Canoe, were busy, very busy yesterday doing a make over. And as always, their "make overs" look really great. Here are a few photos of what I'm talking about.

What I "should" have taken pictures of were some of the things that Tim was showing me in his van and trailer. They are getting ready to do the show next week-end up in Washington, and of course I forgot the name. I "think" it might be the one that the Farm Chicks put together. Back to what is headed to Washington. Tim is truly an artist. I first met Tim back in, I think, 1991. I had a small store, Battered Barn, over on S.Glassell. He had come in one day with these amazing birdhouse. The detail was amazing. Yesterday he showed me something he had made. He bought a rusty, front end of a toy truck a flea market awhile back. He made like a camper on the back, very detailed, little doors, burlap awnings. I just looked at him and said, "that is the Tim I remember". There was an eight foot table made from old barn wood and the legs were these huge, chunky corbels. Maybe I can get him to send me some pictures of this stuff from the show when they are set up. Again, it would blow you away. I best get moving, have to head out to "the store". And we all know what day it is! Morgan's birthday party was great. I'll post some pictures later this week. When it was time for her to blow out her candle, let's just say this sums it up, "it's your party and you cry if you want to, cry if you want to, then PUKE!!! Have a great day.


How About 36 Hours in a Day?

I need more hours in my days! It is that simple, there just isn't enough time to get everything done anymore. Yesterday I had grocery shopping to do for Morgan's birthday party tonight. I had to clean the house, which is always great fun. And lastly, I couldn't stand my garden and porch area of my house anymore. There were weeds, dirt, more weeds, spider webs, and everything else that made the front of the house not look so good. So, with everything else going on, I took some of my limited time to work out front, but I've only made a "dent" in what needs to be done. The one thing about the rain this year is that my garden went crazy!

It's always a nice feeling to get to the picture above, when everything is done for the day and you can drag the hose out! I still need to spend some more time out in the garden, but now, that had to do. I use to have a great gardener a year ago. But, I thought I would save some money with a "mow & blow" guy. Mistake, big mistake as I've got weeds I'm really going to have to work on. And in case you are wondering what that metal looking thing is on the right hand side of the picture above, it's a bathtub! Yes, Bryce brought home and old bathtub for his bathroom and let it right there! Not sure what he'll do with it before the party tonight. I suggested that maybe he fill it with ice, and we can put all the drinks in it!! Never ends in the business of junk! Have a wonderful Memorial week-end, and the store is lookin' good if you are in our area!!



Memorial week-end, and yes it is a great time to shop, especially at Country Roads!! Seriously, come on down!! And yes, it is a reminder that summer is right around the corner. It's a time for family, picnics and trips to the beach. But it is also time to hold "hope" ever so tightly in our hearts for all that is good in our world. Hope is sometimes defined as "to look forward to with confidence or expectation." The word "hope" is always a big part of my heart and the way I try to live my life daily.I look at my dad above as he went to fight in Germany during WWII. I know he held on to "hope" that our world would be a better place for his kids, and grandkids, and great-grandkids. He was a "family man" as they use to refer to the dad's as I grew up.My dad was always a "smart ass", guess this picture shows you what I mean! He came home from the war on the Queen Mary and loved telling that story. And when the Queen Mary use to be in Long Beach, where we lived and still live, he was excited to see the old girl docked nearby.My mom grew up in Texas during the Depression. I know for a fact she always held "hope" in her heart that people wouldn't go hungry. Her stories are still fresh in my mind that how the poor black people would come to their back door, hungry and tired, and my mom's family would give them what they could. She also held her own "furry friends" close to her heart as well, as you see the cat thrown over her shoulder as a child.I love looking at this picture of my mom and her mom. At this point in her life, her dad was gone, sadly killed himself. But even as I grew up, my mom always held "hope" for myself and my sister, and my kids. She knew what war was like, she knew what it was like to be poor with little to eat, and she also knew and believed in "hope"! It was a simple dream, hope for a better world for us all!So, on this Memorial week-end, I too hold "hope" in my heart. I believe in "hope" and can only dream our world gets itself together so my little grandchildren have a happy place to live. This quote was on Lori's blog
a few months ago. You know how somethings stick with you?

"may our children one day see at world at PEACE"!

It really doesn't require a lot of effort to be "hopeful" for better days and to be the person we should be. This little slideshow was in my email inbox this morning. It reminded me of "HOPE" and how important the little things truly are in life! Make it a great week-end!


No Rest For The Weary

Time, wouldn't it be cool if we could just slow it down a little bit? I am always so busy I'm afraid if I stop, I'll miss something. The other night, I went back with Katie, Vinnie, and Riley for another 4-D ultra sound. The girl that did the first one messed it up, so the new one was amazing. Loved getting a sneak preview of my new grandson. Now, I just need to find the time to get the CD with all his pictures on it from Katie, download it, and share! Again, the magic word, "time". I finished up my "hoarding swap out". I like the less cluttered look and I now officially have a "kids table", even if one of the "kids" isn't even born yet! It's funny how you move one thing, re-arrange some other stuff in your house, and it not only gives it a new look, but it is much more functional as well. Only thing that I bought was the table, the rest of the stuff I had, I know, "stuff"! Just moved that "stuff" around and got a different look! I'm not a big yellow fan, but when I bought this house, the walls were ALL covered with dark paneling. Paint was a quick fix. This part of my house is still a project, some day, yes some day! All that is left of the previous mess that was on my harvest table is this little pile at the end, which will be going to Country Roads with me on Saturday to sell. I did do this swap pretty fast, but I also had motivation. We are having a first birthday party for Morgan on Saturday night. Her birthday isn't until June 5th, but Bryce always goes up North to sell at the Alameda Flea Market. This is the down side of this business and being open every day, except Thanksgiving, Christmas and 4th of July! We are always working. As I mentioned, we have a special birthday party to get ready for, AND I also work the entire Memorial week-end at Country Roads. Needless to say, I'm trying hard to organize my time right now. I have a lot of paperwork to catch up on today. Sometimes it does become a burden when my three office assistants need extra attention. Mak (Makena) is pictured above, and he really isn't a devil cat, my photo program wouldn't take the red out of his eyes, so his beautiful blue eyes would shine. Mak is huge and sweet, and a little slow in the brain department. He often falls off my desk. He was a rescue kitty a few years back! Someone rescued Mak and Kona (pictured above) from a construction site down by the beach. They were trapped inside of a wall as kittens. Kona is still a bit shy, and will only sit with me on her terms. But when she does sit with me, she too makes it a bit difficult to work. And lastly is Fluffy, another rescue. Bryce found her and her litter mates a few years back. The red in Fluffy really should be the color of her eyes since she has a bit of the bitchy attitude to match the eyes. Fluffy really does have beautiful blue eyes, and longs to be an only cat! She is in my lap constantly, and makes it hard at times to work. Leonard is no longer and office cat, but don't worry he is doing fine. He is out in the sunroom with a couple of my other cats that were rescued several years ago and use to enjoy peeing in the house! Now they happily use the cat box in the sunroom. Leonard is doing okay for his age. I put him out in the sunroom since he no longer felt like cleaning himself up and often has litter stuck on his feet. But, hey, he is OLD. Why am I writing about cats right now? This is a picture of Mary and her son Jake. She is why I am talking about cats. I guess it has been a little over a year since Mary and Jack died along with Mary's boyfriend. And hopefully my link works so you can read the entire story. Mary and her small family were about to become homeless, and Mary and Jake both had MS. And sadly, Mary's boyfriend thought shooting them and himself was a better solution. It breaks my heart that our world these days brings people to make that kind of decision. Mary was a big believer in saving our "furry friends". This, as many of you know, is big time "kitty" season. Many kittens are born and have no homes and many will be feral and continue to breed. Most of us already know this, but if you have cats and dogs, you need to do the "right" thing and have them fixed so they don't reproduce. There are awesome dogs in the shelter, many pure breeds for those of you that desire that. I'm a mutt girl myself! And the same with cats and kittens. Our pet population is exploding!! Mary use to always email me with adoption events for our furry friends and I would post the events on my blog. Her MS had prevented her from physically shopping at Country Roads anymore. Each of Mary's emails had this little poem at the end. . . "Just when the caterpillar thought her world was over. . .SHE became a butterfly"!! I now know that Mary has finally become the most beautiful, loving butterfly ever! You know, there are some people that come into our lives for just a brief period time, yet you always remember them. And a year later, I still think of Mary. This post is for you Mary, and our furry friends!


White Wednesday

"Happy White Wednesday" to every one of you. Hard to believe that Memorial week-end is just a few days away. You know, the week-end that is the "kick-off" for Summer! Time, oh where oh where does it go? This week I have a little bit of "this", accompanied by a little bit of "that"! And that my friends, is why I love Country Roads. All the variety, the shapes, textures, styles, and time periods. They always catch my eye!

Be sure to make some time to go visit Kathleen!Her blog is one of my favorites, and I love looking at the list of "White Wednesday" posts. I'll see you all next week, in June! Happy WW!!