I Can't Go There Sundays

The look on my son Bryce's face pretty much sums up a day at Country Roads on a Sunday. He is tired from leaving the house at 3:30am yesterday to sell at "Vet's", the Long Beach Flea Market. If there was a picture of me here, I would have the same look on my face from working all day at Country Roads. The public, they leave me speechless. If you work in this business, you know what I'm talking about. I can't EVEN go there this morning. People, at times, leave me speechless! After work, my family all got together at this little family owned Mexican restaurant last night to celebrate Brande's birthday. We were upstairs, and everything echoed which the girls loved. As you can tell, "my girls" weren't tired at all. They had a great time. I like to do business with small, family owned businesses. I KNOW how hard they work!! This is a picture of one of our front window displays. It is difficult to take pictures of the window displays because of the glare. I LOVE this display. I pulled a bunch of stuff from my house and gave Bryce and idea of what I wanted, you know, a fun summer themed window. And here is what I got!

Bryce is really good at displaying, and because I love summer and the beach, I fell in love with this window! One of the reasons the window is so hard to display is because we only have about a three foot ledge. Nonetheless, it turned out awesome. With all that said, I best get ready to head out the door to the happiest place on earth, Country Roads! I've got my fingers crossed that customers are nicer today, and checks I take are not "rubber"!! After work, I get to go see a 3-D or 4-D ultra sound of my new grandson. I want to see what my baby boy is going to look like! Have a happy Monday, and behave yourselves in public ;0}


chateau de fleurs said...

Hi Sue, Bryce did a great job on your window display he is so talented! It makes me miss the beach and hot summer days when you can smell the ocean. Have a good day! Christie

Vintage Market Place said...

so excited for you to see the baby!
I was having a high risk pregnancy so we had to go every three days to the ultrasound. We have a full scrapbook of just Brooklyns ultrasound pics.
The day we saw he had hair thrilled rudy so much.
Have fun and at least you have something great to look forward so you get thru the day.

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

The photo of the window display is fabulous but the ultrasound photo, priceless! Enjoy!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Great window, as always! Sorry your Sunday was THAT crazy that you couldn't even write about it!!! Wishing you a better Monday, friend!!