Thanks Jenny!

Yesterday, Jenny Doh, joined us at Country Roads for a book signing of her new book, "Where Women Create, Inspiration's" that she co-authored with Jo Packman. Some of you may remember Jenny as the editor of many of the Stampington publications. Jenny is now out on her own, with Cresendoh. I hope you have time to visit her online site as there are so many articles in regards to how "art saves". Before Jenny's noon arrival, Carol and Yesi worked on putting together the display in the store where Jenny would hold her book signing. The one thing that makes it easy to put displays together at Country Roads is that we have SO much stuff, it is pretty easy to gather stuff and put it all together. And Carol and Yesi are very good at that. The photo above is the rest of the display that is kind of spread out along the facade in the second building. As Jenny was getting to wrap up her book signing, her photographer had stopped by to see her. On her way out, she stopped at the counter to let me know that there was a guy in a red baseball cap that was acting kind of weird and she was worried because Jenny was over there by herself with just the two women she was talking to. At first I thought, "what day is it", thinking maybe it was Sunday. So, off I go to see what is going on. As Jenny is talking to two of our customers, this guy is standing right next to her. You never know how to start a conversation with some of "those" special customers. I just wanted to get him away from Jenny. So I suggested, "so do you want to buy a book to have signed", hoping he would walk away. Then he started rambling, "I'm just a guy, you know a guy" (whatever that was suppose to mean) and some other random stuff. He was also drunk among other things. As you can see by "one" of the empty beer bottles above. So, he thankfully walks down the aisle, away from Jenny! He plops himself down in an over sized vintage chair and picks up a book to read, and pops open the beer. At least he was comfortable. Now I have a store full of people on a Saturday afternoon with a crazy man drinking a beer in my store while reading a book! I must say that he looked very content. I ended up calling the Orange PD, non emergency number. And thankfully, an officer responded very quickly. He asked the guy, "what are you doing" to which he responded, "reading a book"! Not to mention drinking a beer as well. The officer asked him if he thought he was in a library, no response. Two more police officers arrive. The guy had emptied his pockets on a nice jadeite plate, as you can see above. Displayed the contents of his pockets quite well. The other two beer caps belonged to two empty beer bottles we found out in the garden. Maybe he believed he was finding "culture" by drinking imported beer and reading, who knows! He also happen to have an outstanding warrant, so the guy in the red baseball cap that had been listening to Jenny discuss her new book was led away in handcuffs during a busy Saturday afternoon! There is one thing you can always bank on when you are at Country Roads. . .it is NEVER boring. And thanks again Jenny for joining us!!


Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Hi Sue...I love to stop by...you have the best tales to tell!!! Enjoy your Sunday!

Anonymous said...

I am sooo looking forward to the day when YOUR book comes out, and I can stand in line for your signature!! The stories you tell, the people you come across and your family, all make for very interesting reading!

Vintage Market Place said...

Okay so I think the most creepy thing about this is that he had a hotel door hanger in his pocket. YIKES!
Was he wandering hotel hallways too.

You get to meet the most interesting people, be it Jenny or random guys.
What a full scale tilt! LOL!
Have a great Sunday

Mandi said...

You never fail to entertain me! I knew when I saw 'Jenny' in the blog title that it had to be about her. The Roads girls did a beautiful job arranging the area for her book signing. Can't wait to get her new book and love her blog.

And the guy...omg bsc Sat or what?! Your life is NEVER boring Sue!

The Boston Lady said...

Well, at least he has good taste in beer. So, he's an "upscale loon".

I'm hoping to make it to your store one of the two times I'm out in SoCal this summer. I promise I will not be one of "them". Thanks for your good wishes for my trip.

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

Well you had your hands full too!!!! I see. I missed you again and we were so close. Glitterfest was a DREAM. Ciao Rita

Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

The display are looking beautiful as always! I do hope you had a great Sunday...Julian

Tanza said...

Hi Sue,
Ooohhh my ... right when we think we have heard everything .. A NeW story to tell !! See Sue, EVERYBODY LoVeS Country Roads !! Do you EvEr really wonder, WHERE oh WHERE do they come from !! I always know I get a laugh from you !!

Hoping you have a wonderful week ahead of you my friend ~
hugs ~tanza~

kanishk said...
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