BSC in Southern California!

I think I may have figured it ALL out. I don't think it is "just" Country Roads that gets all the "BSC" geeks, freaks, and others! I think sadly, we may be a bit of a "freak magnet", but there is a bigger picture out there. It is Southern California that is "BSC", everyone! There are just too many damn people here, and I think that causes the "BSC" population to grow. Yesterday was just an incredibly "BSC" day everywhere! It started, as you can guess, with a phone call from Katie at "the store"! A man who appeared to be a bit "BSC" came in with a dog. I heard his first words because I was on the phone, and it sounded like he said, "do you wanna buy my dog", but when I asked Katie it was more like, "can I bring my dog here". Then, as Katie is writing up a customer, the "bsc man" walks up to the counter and it begins:

bsc man: you're pregnant and you are due in six weeks

Katie: no, I'm due in ten weeks

bsc man: no you are due in six weeks and you are having a boy

Katie: how do you know that

bsc man: because my mom was a mid wife in the Civil War!

Katie: really?

bsc man: have you seen my wife

Katie: didn't you just come in with your dog? He ignores Katie's question.

bsc man: your boy is going to weigh 7 pounds and will be 20 inches long

Katie: how do you know how much he is going to weigh and that it is a boy?

bsc man: because you have saggy boobs, and he leaves with the dog, no wife

Katie's customer: you do NOT have saggy boobs!

While Katie is telling me this story, earlier I had been hearing a lot, and I do mean alot of sirens close by and helicopters too. But hey, it's SoCal, so I'm not paying a lot of attention! Then Vinnie, Katie's husband calls and tells me that there was a bank robbery in south county, and they just took a shot at a CHP and they got off on the Palo Verde exit! By the way, I can walk to the Palo Verde exit! They closed the 405 freeway for 90 minutes! What a mess!! So, the police are every where, helicopters, and I think, maybe to myself that maybe I should close my window and the sliding doors. Thankfully, it wasn't in my direct neighborhood, but less than a mile away. I guess one knucklehead bailed out of the car, and the other two took off. Hours go by, and then the SWAT team puts ladders up on a freeway wall and throws a torch into a bunch of bushes where the bank robber was hiding on the other side. The bushes catch on fire, the bank robber crawls out, and SWAT surrounds him after they make him crawl down the street for awhile. I thought the guy looked a little "hebby"! Turns out it was a 300 pound bank robber crawling with SWAT all aiming at him! Guess that is procedure? Meanwhile, there is a bit of wind, it picks up a spark and blows it into a palm tree of some poor person's home. And you guessed it, the palm tree catches on fire! And yes, we could see the smoke from my house. Schools were on lock down, as was a whole neighborhood. Apparently at the time, they thought the other two bank robbers were there as well with rumor of a front door being kicked in. Streets were closed everywhere and it was a pretty big mess. I was lucky, I didn't have to go anywhere so I was able to stay home!!And before the day ended, the mail had arrived at Country Roads. Trying to be the nice person that I really am (although sometimes I'm "stupid" nice) I took a check from a woman that has an antique business a month ago, and it bounced. It was a BIG check. But she paid me in cash so when she came in at the first of this month and bought a bunch of stuff for her store and wrote me another check, well guess what, it bounced. This time, I still haven't been paid. Her daughter texted me last week-end that her mom was out of town, would be in with cash on Monday, and said her mom said that life sucks??? What the hell does that mean? Monday came and went, NO money. So, Katie opened the card yesterday and there was a replacement check dated for June 1st. No comment. And then her handwritten note was odd. It began with, "no other way to say it-I'm crashing and burning at this end. She also wrote that the post dated check would "FOR SURE" be good on 6-1-2010, saying "I've dated it for before (I'm not sure what that means) in case my ship sails before then-always hopeful". Then she went on about how "this all just sucks for you, me, and our relationship," and on and on. I don't want to be mean, but I kind of think this sucks more for me than her and "our" relationship? What relationship? If I'm correct, I have a paper check worth nothing and SHE has a bunch, and I mean a WHOLE bunch, of my stuff from my store that she is selling in HER store! Then she apologizes over and over again. Wouldn't you think if she felt THAT bad she would bring back my stuff? Just another example of "BSC" Southern California! So, do you think that check will be good on June 1st? Being the person I am, I would really like to believe that, but when someone is truly "BSC" and they don't realize it, I doubt I'll be seeing any of my money any day soon! So, the moral of this blog post, I think we all should carry a helmet just in case the "bsc" Southern Californians sneak up on us!!


Deb said...

I have to agree it is crazy in California...I thought Texas was crazy...oh no...we are layed back here...I noticed everyone drives with there horns in LA...never had so many people honk at us or give us the "California wave" in all my life....hope your weekend is better...know what you mean on the hot checks have had to handle a few of those before....no fun..

www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

OMG What a day! I hope it is not like this everyday:) I was always told that when I have a day like that to just "bless yourself". lol May be funny but I always do it:)
Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

Maureen said...

Wow! That's all I'm saying.

Vintage Market Place said...

Sue, I am at a loss for words!
Poor Katie, when will people learn to just keep their mouths shut when seeing a pregnant lady. Men are the worst about knowing what to say.
I heard and saw that story of the bank robbery on the news, what a mess.
So glad we moved from Cali. years ago.
Lets hope today goes nice and smooth and somehow that check clears and you receive what is rightfully yours.
Keeping my fingers crossed for ya

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Ok Sue, here's my two cents (not that you asked for it) just makes you made that people do you this way. Anyways, you should just march over to her store, back your truck in like you there to pick up your merchandise and "cash" the check at her store. Sounds good right? And for the rest of your post, sounds like something you'd see on TV except it happened for real in your store. Crazy world. I hope the weekend is better for you all.

Anne Lorys said...

Hi Sue!

Oh, believe me, we have more than our share of BSC in Austin! You can't even imagine...

Have a wonderful weekend!

joven said...

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Malisa said...

Well, crap! That makes you want to drink, doesn't it? Oh, wait...you probably were drinking! Makes you want to drink and tackle a dumb butt bank robber, doesn't it? I am coming to your store and I am bringing every check book from every account I have ever had! :)

Tanza said...

Hahahaha ... Sue, you are right !! I think it's just another "normal" California day !! Nothing surprises me anymore !! nope, Nothin' !!

About two years ago, it's been awhile, before this whole bloggy world to share , I was shopping in your store on a Wednesday, and this older man was dressed like Thomas Jefferson, I'm not kidding, a wig, clothes, socks, boots, and some old war stuff tied around his waist .. He was walking around, and had to tell me :0 that he was on the look out for His ancestors stuff, that had been stolen, and he just KNEW you all were trying to sale it all !! What the heck ?! Soo my friend, I have shared your BSC customers !! He in fact kinda scared me !!What a crack up .. huh ..

I sure hope you have a wonderful week-end, and just a little bit of your crazy customers, cuz, we always need your funny posts !! what would I do without you !! Happy week-end ~
hugs ~tanza~

The Boston Lady said...

If you have all the crazies, then why do so many of us Floridians always show up on Jerry Springer and Maury? What a wild day you had! Hope the weekend is less freaky, but I know how that goes..

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

I'm speechless...and I'm still thinking about the saggy boobs...

Unknown said...

unfortunately the bsc folks will crawl up the neck and under the helmet. trust me on this one.