Variety . . .The Spice of Life!

I love this time of year, even it is a bit warm or should I say hot?  The care free days of Summer have always called my name since I was a kid. I'm hoping that you all are enjoying the lazy days of Summer just as I am. Although, I could use just a few more lazy days over working!  Today I just wanted to share a very small collection of some of the treasures we have here at Country Roads!

The big, old vintage "Drugs" sign that you see above came from our very own Watson's here in Old Towne Orange! Watson's Drug & Soda Fountain have been a special place and destination here since 1899!  I'm not quite sure what is going on, or if they are closing or what. I do know though, that I would LOVE to have that sign. Can you imagine all the stories that sign has to tell? It is for sale and would be a wonderful collector piece for anyone, especially if you are into the history of Old Towne! I am looking forward to seeing our favorite customers this week-end, and all of us here at Country Roads look forward to seeing you!  Take care.