My Girls

These pictures are all out of order.  And they are the only pictures I have access to right now! There is a very good reason for all of this. I've had this brand new Mac desktop that I'm working on now for about three or four months. The reason I haven't used it is because I've always had a PC. I've meant to switch over but just never got files transferred or forced myself to "learn" the Mac. Well, this morning my crappy Dell crashed. Not completely and I am SO hoping I can get back all of my files. The first external hard drive didn't back the Dell up. I'm just hoping I can get everything off of it. So, please have patience with me as I learn how to work on my new Mac. Today I had the chance to spend time with my girls. I took Riley to school this morning and then Morgan came over to spend some time with me. I took her with me to pick up Riley at kindergarten. Riley was so surprised to see her. Below is a picture where Riley's teacher let Morgan come check out the classroom!

I had much better pictures today taken from my camera. These are just from my iphone. I"m really hoping I can retrieve my pixs from the old computer. I really LOVED today. It's been awhile since I could spend the afternoon with my girls. And speaking of girls. . .we just found out that Bryce and Justine are having another little girl! Looks like Bodhi will be the only guy for now!! I can't wait for a new baby to join our family!!


"Love Is The Music of Your Soul"

The light. Many of you know Cathy Jarrell, aka "the Vintage Lady". Her and I have been in this crazy business of ours for around twenty years. You really do fall in love with this business, regardless of how crazy it can be. Cathy's store over in Tustin caught on fire right before Christmas. She was there when it burned to the ground. Owning a store, I can only imagine how she must have felt to see something she loved so much go up in flames. I was so happy to be able to have room for her at Country Roads. Actually, if I had to I would have given up my own space to get Cathy to join my CR family. The little vignette above was one of the first that Cathy put together when she started setting up. To me, each and every time I walk by "the light" it is symbolic to me. It reminds me that when you really LOVE what you do, like myself and Cathy do, you carry on. Day by day, week by week, month by month, and year by year, no matter what! Cathy comes to Country Roads and she works. She puts together these beautiful displays and vignettes, and never once to you see her discouraged, nor do you see her angry that the fire happened. Nope, she comes to Country Roads and works on her new beginnings with wonderful merchandise and a smile on her face! Here are a few of Cathy's latest!

I may have to buy this little plaque of Cathy's. Think about those words, really think about them. When you love what you do, the soul is content, it is happy, it is fulfilled! Today Cathy came up with two of her old customers from the Tustin store. One bought something small, and Cathy was carrying a birdcage and told me that she was "giving" this to the customer because the one the customer had bought prior to the fire and had left it at Cathy's store was destroyed in the fire. Here is Cathy starting over, and here is a woman, I'm guessing, that has asked Cathy to replace the one that was lost in the fire. Cathy had a big ole smile on her face, thanked the ladies for coming in and off she went back to her new "store"! Random things have always happened to me and my family. But they always turn out to be "good" random things. I learn something every, single day from random things! I'm SO grateful I was able to open a door for Cathy when hers closed, and I'm also grateful to have her be a part of my Country Roads family. It is really true, "love IS the music of the soul"! Come by and see us at Country Roads, sometimes that music of the soul just might be a bit contagious!


The Box

That's my Dad in the picture above. He went to Germany during WWII as did his brother, Buford! Where did my Grandmother get that name. Anyway, while many of families had their sons overseas and fighting in the war, the Mom's that were left at home apparently started a little "hankerchief" type club! 

I've had this box since I was 18! While all the soldiers were overseas during WWII the Mom's whose son's were there exchanged hankies and notes. This box holds all the hankies inside. It has moved everywhere with me and I've never put it's contents in a better box. Actually I know where the box came from. My dad's brother use to work for Mother's Cookies and would always bring my Grandmother the stale out of date cookies. It use to make me so mad because the cookies were pretty bad. Anyway, for some reason, I've never put all the hankies in anything else. Not sure why as they deserve something better.

I love the old handwriting, and the time that was put in to sit down and actually handwrite a letter. My Grandma not only saved the hankies, but saved the letters and the postmarks as well.

This is what the "cookie" box looks like when you open it. It's stuffed with old letters, hankies, a few souvenir pillow shams as well. I know this box doesn't have a lot of value as far as money goes, but it tells a lot about my own family history. Why do I like saving things, and antiques? My Grandma was the same way, as was my Dad!

Another letter with the envelope and postmark still attached. Like the hankie above, many of them still have the store sticker attached.

I am in love with the old handwriting. And I think it is so interesting that these women would share what they loved to do like above where the woman wants to save her hankies and make a quilt. 

I'm really grateful that my Grandma kept not only the hankies and letters, but the postmarks as well. It was a great way to not only date her collection but to identify where it came from too.

I look at the post mark on this letter. It was written in 1943 and it looks like it could have been written yesterday except it has much better handwriting than we have today.

More postmarks, more hankies, and more letters from the past! 

I thought this letter was really interesting because it is printed. You just didn't find many old letters that were printed rather than in handwriting. I print all the time but always thought it was because I'm left handed. My box of hankies! I know they deserve a place to display them, but for now, I will keep them all in the old Mothers Cookie box till I decide what I want to do with them. 

Our stuff! My business, my love of "stuff" and many of you as well "really" understand the appeal of some of this stuff we hang on to! That is my Dad above on the left! Until the day he died, he was a smart ass, even in the Alzheimer's unit where he spent the last of his days. I gotta tell you, I admired his smart mouth even then!!


"Always Your Favorite, Never the Same"!

So, on my last blog post at the end of it, I had a link to a slideshow that I had been working on. It included about 200 pictures, some hand picked music I liked, and more. When I glanced at it today, for some reason there was only about 10 or 11 pictures without my music. I have NO idea what happened, but to say I'm frustrated  pretty much sums it up! I will try again next month when our inventory at "the store" has changed up some. Today I've got a variety of pictures that kind of shows the diversity we have here at Country Roads!

I always enjoy that quote, "always your favorite, never the same"! That truly is Country Roads. We are always changing it up for our customers. And speaking of that, "thank you" for continuing to shop with us for the past 19 years or so. It is always heartfelt and appreciated! Take care.


White Wednesday & A CR Slideshow!

This morning is a "2fer"! I struggled all afternoon yesterday to get my rather lengthy slideshow of Country Roads posted. Let's just say it was one of those days. And since I'm working at CR today, I thought I would roll the slideshow and White Wednesday all into one post! The slideshow link is at the end of this post in case you might be looking for it! And now let me tell you where these incredible pictures have come from. I'm sure many of you know Debbie Watts from Blossoms!  I've been in this business a very long time. Actually almost twenty years now. Throughout the years every once in awhile you see someone that just has a natural talent, a creative mind, a gift and performs magic with every little thing they touch! That would be Debbie.  I hope you enjoy some of these displays she just put together. I really LOVE the old vintage white iron manicure table and stool. So unusual and so great to look at! As are the rest of the pictures below.

Do you see what I mean about the incredible talent Debbie has? You know what else she has that means just as much to me? It is just the person she is! Very kind, not all full of herself like some people tend to be in this business. As I said, every once in awhile, you see a natural talent like Debbie's! And this will have to be a separate post, but her husband Larry keeps us entertained while Debbie works away! The man should do stand up comedy, seriously! And lastly, sorry this is so long, the link below, if all goes well, should take you to the Country Roads Slideshow! And I must warn you, it too is almost as lengthy as this blog post!! Thanks to all of you that share your kind words with me. It means very much and motivates me to work even harder!!  Take care and don't forget to click the link below.

*Actually, I just clicked the link and I had posted about 200 pictures, and I believe the link only has about 10 photos up. I have NO idea what happened, sorry about that *