Magic Performed Here!

This is Sue Lennon's space! She was in yesterday and this is one space I REALLY try to avoid! Why? Because I always find something that I just have to have. Her displays, and merchandising is so original. Sue really knows how to put together eye catching, "different" displays that make you just stop and stare. Here a few pictures of what Sue has at Country Roads right now.

I have to confess something. I bought the lights above and the old vintage sign as well. I just couldn't help myself, seriously! Those big vintage duffel bag pillows are calling my name but I just try really hard to ignore them each and every time I walk by! I have two smaller duffel bag pillows at home right now that I absolutely love. This is one of the reasons that I usually just shop at Country Roads. We have so much to choose from and some a variety of great product. I know that I always say there is "ALWAYS" something for everybody, but it's true, there really is. Come on in and find out yourself!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
See those yummy little tufted chairs to the left in the first photo? Those have been calling my name ever since I saw them last week!
Sue is so talented, she always has the best stuff!
I love your new lights and vintage sign!
Have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow!

Pent-Up Photos said...

Oh, girl, that is a HUGE A...just like mine! :) So good to be back on the computer and get to see all your cool stuff!


time worn interiors said...

Those is some great looking treasures!