Industrial Monday

I've wanted to get a new blog post up for the past couple of days but I've had a couple of problems. I was tired from working and I was "really" tired from working at Country Roads! We've been SO busy lately and I am so very grateful for that! I'm really feeling it today and as I always say when the "kids" I work with, who are not really kids but a lot younger than me, feel the pain too, I'm hanging in there!! Today I wanted to share some great industrial stuff we have in "the store" right now. I love this look.

What I like about the industrial stuff, outside of it being indestructible, is that it can blend with many of the more traditional looks in your home, like in the picture above. It's funny how looks and styles spin off to other related styles. I was talking to one of my CR dealers that other day and they were talking about the new "steampunk" look that is starting to pop up. And sure enough, you are starting to see "steampunk" journals on Etsy and all over the place. I hope you all have a wonderful and happy Monday. And thank you to each and every one of my customers for the busy exhausting week-end! I do really love to be wiped out from a week-end of hard work. I know you all already know this, but I so appreciate each and every customer we have. Thank you!


Sandy said...

You industrial things are such perfection. I'm turning the corner with such finds...can't seem to get enough. Lovely blog, very enjoyable...Hope you'll come over and follow me, I'd love to have you. Have a restful day. xoso Sandy

Pent-Up Photos said...

I knew you were SO tired when we were chatting the other night! Hope you get caught up, girl! Glad you had a few minutes to snap these photos because you know how I love the industrial look! Your boy, Bryce, does it best!


Jyoti said...

Great Page.