"Always Your Favorite, Never the Same"!

So, on my last blog post at the end of it, I had a link to a slideshow that I had been working on. It included about 200 pictures, some hand picked music I liked, and more. When I glanced at it today, for some reason there was only about 10 or 11 pictures without my music. I have NO idea what happened, but to say I'm frustrated  pretty much sums it up! I will try again next month when our inventory at "the store" has changed up some. Today I've got a variety of pictures that kind of shows the diversity we have here at Country Roads!

I always enjoy that quote, "always your favorite, never the same"! That truly is Country Roads. We are always changing it up for our customers. And speaking of that, "thank you" for continuing to shop with us for the past 19 years or so. It is always heartfelt and appreciated! Take care.


blossoms vintage chic said...

Hey Sue,
On my end...your slideshow had 10 photos and music. I'd say you did a great job!!
Hope you had a great day...the weather was amazing!

Laura S Reading said...

While I love variety and changing things up, there is also an appeal to having a base similarity to a setting. When our local thrift stores change the locations of sections in their store it reduces my shopping desire. Gradual changes rather than radical.
Showing my age, right? Set in my ways!
But new merchandise revs that desire right back up!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sue, Your store looks amazing....far from a thrift store....don't you just hate being called that....I know would...wishing you the best....Teresa