I Love Sunny SoCal !

These past few days are the exact reason "why" I LOVE living in sunny southern CA! I think we have been the warmest place in the country and that sunshine feels good! I spent the past couple of afternoons sitting out by my pool and enjoying our CA sunshine. I have an old pool with no heater so the water is like ice most of the time, including in the summer. But these past few days its been so relaxing to sit out by the pool with my old girl, "Sally the Cabana Dog", a Corona or two and my Ipod! Below are some pictures I took while I was enjoying our CA sunshine!!

Everything right now is a mess, especially my bar. It is in need of a big makeover! The bamboo roof is basically in pieces, and it needs a good re-do! A lot of the "stuff" I have inside and outside of my house has meaning. The sign above, "Aloha Farmers Markets" has kind of a special meaning. After I divorced, things were kind of tough as it is for most anyone that goes through that. Somehow, Bryce managed to get this sign from a flea market in Keikea on Maui. His dad had taken all the kids on a vacation. That sign must have cost Bryce's dad a fortune to ship to me, but it is my own personal piece of Maui paradise in my own backyard! I hope many of you out here are enjoying the sunshine like I am. . . I love it!  Have a wonderful day.


The Boston Lady said...

Leaving for your beautiful state in just over 12 hours! I've seen you have had warmer weather than we have had, but see it will be cooling off again. So glad you had that wonderful weather during some down time. Ann

Fresh Vanilla For C said...

Loving it from Pasadena!!! I am actually having to water the plants:))
Have a great night. Your back yard looks so fun!!!!

Genie said...

Happy New Year darling Sue. The sun did feel good on my achy bones.

marcela cavaglieri said...

Your backyard looks like the perfect party place, Sue...no matter the weather!!! LOL!!!!