White Wednesday

For this "White Wednesday" I wanted to share part of my vintage children's collection. I love to collect vintage things that baby's or little kids use to play with. The thought of their tiny hands touching all these objects just warms my heart. I did also try to pick more of the "white" or lighter colored things since after all it is Kathleen's now famous "White Wednesday". I also chose baby things for one other special reason. I have "baby on the brain" right now. My daughter Katie is pregnant with my "little man" and I have a feeling he is going to be born sooner than his due date of July 22nd! I'm planning on the 4th of July! After all, Country Roads is closed that day, so we won't have to worry about putting a crew together. Also, I apologize for the photos. I've been sick with the flu, and just now getting back on my feet and gave my camera to my boy Bryce to take pictures at Country Roads today. So, below are some dark, not so clear photos from my iphone!

Hope each and everyone of you have a wonderful "White Wednesday" and be sure to stop by and visit Kathleen and all the others that participate. And keep your fingers crossed that my "little man" greets us all on the 4th of July!! He is already 7lbs and 2oz according to the doc!! I already have two beautiful little granddaughters, Riley & Morgan, so we need a few good men in our family!


At Last, Country Roads Pix's

Last week, when I was "alive & well" I took some pictures at "the store". I'm always entertained by what I find, the amount of variety that Country Roads always has. Above is a child's Civil War jacket. I was surprised to see it in the store because Tim had lusted after this jacket for several months before he finally bought it from a guy at a local flea market. I hope you enjoy our many different looks of "the store". You know, "Country Roads, Always Your Favorite, Never the Same"!

I need to get down to the store and get some fresh photos. I originally had the week-end off for Katie's baby shower on Saturday, and Josalyn's 5th birthday party on Sunday. As some of you know, the damn flu kind of took away my time! What's that song, "Thumpwalla", "I get knocked down, but I get back up, your never gonna keep me down"! Well, that is me, thankfully!!


What Day Is It?

You know, I don't even think I know what day it is today! Where have I been and why have I been there so long? Actually, I'm not sure I can answer that question except to say I am even more grateful than ever that I am never, ever sick. Because being sick, without a doubt, confined to bed because you don't have the energy to drag your butt out of the said bed, TOTALLY sucks!! As you know, on the morning of Katie's baby shower I woke up with the flu, or what appeared to be the flu. I'll spare you the details but I haven't been that sick in years, and seriously, I mean YEARS! After spending the entire week-end in bed, this morning I decided to make an attempt at participating in life again. I went with Katie and family to the OB's office for her weekly appointment. The baby boy is now at least 7lbs 2 oz. with a big Budda Belly. She's not due to the 22nd of July, don't think she is going to make it. And some of you know, in the middle of me crashing and burning this past week-end, we had a big baby shower at my house for Katie. One that I'm still living through in pictures! And if you were there, and have some, please email them. And I tempted to see if I can download Ms. Repsay's pixs from her camera that she left behind. Just kidding, I'm going to try to get to UPS today Christie, have no fear!! After the doc's visit I went over to see all the wonderful gifts Katie got. You guys are the best! Katie got such great stuff from everyone! I have to say though, the one that made me smile the most, is pictured above! Done by our one and only the "Marvelous Ms.M" (Marcela), I fell in love! I'm kind of thinking maybe we all need t-shirts like that! When someone comes up to the counter and asks to speak to a manager, we all just turn and start to point fingers at each other. Meaning, while some stores and the people that work there LOVE titles, those of us at Country Roads try to hide from being "it"! I promise I will get some Country Roads pictures back up on my blog. Before my "crash & burn" I had taken a bunch of photos. It's is kind of ironic I woke up sick this week-end. I am NEVER off on week-ends. I had the baby shower to go to, and on Sunday I was going to go celebrate Josalyn turning five years old at her party! So much for that week-end off. As I spent the past two days in bed, I had plenty of time to "think"! I work really hard. Why, because I believe in hard work, it is just the way I am. I think now though, I may work a little bit harder at scheduling some down time. I never, ever want to have the cooties I've had the past few days, GROSS!! Tomorrow, pictures of the store, and no more "poor me" stories!! Georgia just combined two spaces into one big fabulous space. I can't wait to see it either.


MIA at the Baby Shower

Yesterday was a first for me! I've never had a baby shower or any party at my house that I had to miss! I am one of these people that are never sick. Seriously, I'm blessed with good health. So, I was beyond shock when I woke up yesterday morning with I'm assuming "the flu". First, I just felt like crap. Too weak to finish my shower, then the whole throwing up mess started. Finally, I somehow managed to drive myself down to Brande's apartment at the beach. She is out on tour right now with Lilith Faire in Canada. I kid you now, I barely made it up the stairs and that was IT for the day. Stayed in bed all day, and all night and finally came back this morning. I left my camera, but no one used it during the day, so this is all I found on it this morning. At least I know my Country Roads babies were there!

I did find these cute notes all over "my stuff" this morning when I dragged my sick butt in the house. So, I know some of those who stopped by.

I'm hoping anyone else who "may" have taken photos will email them too me! Thank "whomever" came for coming and thanks Katie, Vinnie, Carol and Yesi for cleaning up. I SO appreciate it. For me, I guess its back to bed! I don't do well with not doing anything, I'm too antsy! Guess my body is giving me NO choice. And "happy birthday" and I'm so sorry for missing your birthday party today. Just another thing I really wanted to do, but physically can't. Did I tell you I HATE being sick?


Now What?

I have a big baby shower planned for Katie today. And I woke up feeling like I have the flu! I'm never, ever sick, ever! So, why today? I'm going to try and eat something and see if that helps and hopefully it does. Otherwise, I may have to go to Katie's house, while everyone else has the baby shower at my house. Keeping my fingers crossed I can kick this soon.


Extreme Makeover

Recently, "my boy Bryce" did an extreme makeover of his areas here at Country Roads. And rather than have you read all my ramblings this morning, I thought I would just give you some "eye candy" to enjoy instead! Here are a few of the things that caught my eye!

My favorite embalming table just sold! I'm getting ready to bring in a vintage Hawaiiana bar! I think I'll ask Bryce if we can make my boyfriend a "cabana boy"! So, he's missing one hand, I think he will do just fine!!


Gifts From the Heart

It's funny what things end up grabbing hold of your heart unexpectantly. For me, when I receive a "just because gift", you know the kind that come from the heart, I'm always deeply touched. I was having a really BAD day Tuesday. And we all get them from time to time and they just drain you. I walked in my front door and found this framed picture waiting for me. I took the picture above with my iphone, so it really doesn't do the picture justice! Bryce had brought it home from Country Roads for me. It is a picture of my mom that Lori Gutierrez "doctored" up just a bit as you can see. She added color, make-up, a crown, some shiny rhinstones and the Miss Texas banner all for me! Awhile back Lori had seen the picture on my blog and commented to me how pretty she thought my mom was. And what do you know, she embellished the picture, framed it, and sent it home with Bryce for me. When I walked in the front door after my crappy day, tears streamed down my face. The kindness, the thoughtfulness, was overwhelming to me in a good way. Just goes to show you, no matter how bad you think your day is, there is ALWAYS something good to be found! And my find was beyond good, thank you Lori with all my heart! Yesterday Riley and I dropped Brande off at the Long Beach airport. Brande is going to be gone about seven weeks. She's working on the Lilith Tour and I can't remember which fund raising group she is with this time. After Riley and I dropped Brande off, all of a sudden Riley got very sad. She was near tears as she said from the backseat, "I don't want Brande to go, I'm going to miss her. I love her with all my heart and I want her to stay here". It is really touching to see a little kid that is not yet four have such compassion. I told her she could draw Brande a picture and we could send it to her. So, she snapped out of her mood and came home and drew Brande the picture above. I always save stuff. Little stuff that may not mean a lot to someone else, but reminds me of a magical moment. My house is filled with these things. Above is a birthday wish Brande wrote to me when she was about six years old. It's framed and hangs behind my desk in my office. I still have a Starbucks straw that Riley held onto the first time her Daddy took her in my pool. It was like a security blanket for her. I also have her "pretend money" that she took with her on her first walk to Starbucks with Brande. Gifts from the heart mean so very much to me. These are the things that I will never part with. And Lori, "thank you" for making what was really a crappy day turn into something very meaningful for me!


White Wednesday

Our first "White Wednesday" of Summer! I have to say, where I live it still doesn't seem like Summer. A bit overcast, temperatures haven't got above 80, but again, no complaints! Here are some "whites" from my favorite store, Country Roads.

I hope you are all enjoying those "lazy, crazy days of Summer". If you live in the area and have some free time, feel free to spend some of your Summer days with us. And lastly, and the most important of all, don't forget to go visit Kathleen over at Faded Charm. She rocks!