Some Days You Just Gotta Dance!

I regret to tell you, I have sadly discovered that every, single day at Country Roads has a few of those "BSC" moments stuffed into it! Yesterday was my third day at Country Roads, and "bless their little hearts," my customers never ever let me down!! So, after another dandy day filled with questions at "the store" I came home and knew in my heart I needed to relax or my head was going to explode and I didn't want anymore messes to clean up. I had enough of "those" messes in our public bathroom. There was one mess that was SO nasty, Yesi dared me to take a picture and post it on our FB Fan Page! The Gemini that I am was really tempted, but the "good" Gemini spirit talked me out of it!! I live about a ten minute drive to the beach, and was really surprised to see how quickly it cooled down. The clouds came rolling in from the shore, as you can see above, hiding the sun. One moment the seagulls are flying back to the ocean, the next minute the damn ducks are quacking above me flying back to El Dorado Park! Thus, my life! Today was a day of "acceptance". I realized it wasn't just Sundays that we save for those ever so special BSC customers. Sadly, they show up every damn day of the year. No matter how hard you try to ignore them, I'll be damned, they STILL show up anyway! I dragged myself home yesterday from the store. I felt like I just couldn't listen to anyone else talk to me or ask me a question! I thought about making something to eat. This is my refrigerator. So sad! There was no magical grocery fairy to do the shopping. Oops, I forgot, that was MY job. Bryce & Justine live on fast food. I open the door of the refrig and stare, and stare. What looks good, what will make me happy and relaxed. Damn, the yogurt dates say I should have eaten that a couple of weeks ago! I don't eat meat so that is where I keep my Corona, and has far as the produce bin, well, there ws one lonely apple and I'm not too sure how long its been there because there as it has no expiration date on it. But the cold Corona needs NO expiration date. What did I choose? Bad yogurt or a cold, cool Corona or two? As I'm standing there just mindlessly staring inside of my refrig, I hear a gigantic crash in the garage which has a door right off the kitchen! Seems "Father Christmas of the Past" was super pissed off that my boy Bryce had not put the Christmas totes back up in the loft of the garage, so that ass of "Father Christmas Past" managed to make them all fall down! Yep, just like that! And what you don't see are all the broken ornaments all over the floor. Did I say bad words, did I shed a tear or two over all that broke? Nope, it just made my dinner decision that much easier! I LOVE to sit out by my pool with my headphones and ipod. And if you love music, save your money and invest in a set of Bose headphones. You turn up your music and that is ALL you hear. Wish I could wear them while I work at Country Roads! I saved for my set, and not a day goes by that I regret buying them. I LOVE music! Wherever I am, I have to have music on. I love all kinds of music. It magically takes me away from the troubles of the world we live in. It puts me in another place. So, as I sat by my pool watching the sunset with my music and Sally, my cabana mentally challenged dog, I began to feel better! When I sit out in my rocking chair by the pool, I always like to have my ipod on "shuffle". That way I get a variety of my music. I don't know what got into me, but when Aretha (she needs NO last name) started singing, "Respect", it made me just dance, all by myself! Usually I reserve my fancy foot work for just Riley and me, we love to dance. And that reminds me, we need to teach Morgan some of our "steps". Sally, as you see above, was a bit stunned that Aretha and I were having such a good time together. Music ALWAYS takes me to a better place! So, with all that said, I went to bed early last night and slept REALLY good. I guess we had a small earthquake with the epicenter close to my house. Didn't wake me up, I was too sound asleep! As I head off to Country Roads this morning, I hope for the best. I hope our kind customers will stop by to shop. I hope they will be easy. And I hope, with all my heart, that I don't have to clean up another mess again today in our bathroom! When I hear the words, "do you have a bathroom", I almost have a seizure! Think positive thoughts for me today, and thank you all that are so kind and nice when you come to shop at Country Roads. You ARE the best!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Where the Country Roads turn...I swear you need your own reality TV Show. I'd watch it. I do hope you have an awesome day with over the top sales!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Ay ay ay, Sue...it's time for a couple of days off...but I mean really off...I know, I know, you think you can't do it but trust me, you can. Nothing bad is going to happen while you are out...promise.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

What a picture you paint! And what a laugh I had!!!!!! SENDING POSITIVE THOTS! Jacqueline

The Boston Lady said...

#1 Working with the general public is never a pretty thing.

#2 Your fridge is so clean!! I'm ashamed of mine.

#3 I would have picked the Coronas too.

#4 Wish there was video of you rocking out in your backyard.

#5 Hope this week is a bit more peaceful for you. Your sense of humor will save you everytime.

Anne Lorys said...

Hi Sue!

Although I don't work at the mall where I have my booth, I have more than my share of BSC to deal with at the hospital! So I definitely feel your pain, girlfriend!

Everything I've seen of Country Roads looks so serene and beautiful...it's fun to hear some of the behind the scenes stories. And thanks so much for sharing about Rachel Ashwell, she really does sound like a lovely human being.

Have a wonderful week!

Lisa Loria said...

Oh Sue...The good Gemini, Bad Gemini made me laugh!

I am a Gemini too...sooo understand!

People can be the biggest idiots!

Glad you chose the Corona...I would have too!

Hope today was better.


My Vintage Treasures said...

Corona...excellent choice!!!
And by the way...the reality show, i would watch too :)

Kate said...

I love your post they always warm my heart. Bless you that you give so much of yourself for the store and for us dealers. You are the best!!! Happy Days for you xoxo

Take care