An Attitude of Gratitude

Yesterday was my birthday, and to say "thank you" to all my friends and family would be an understatement. Between birthday wishes through cards, gifts, blog comments, texts, FB posts and my friend Kristi, that actually called me while on my way to my birthday dinner, and "sang" happy birthday which came through loud in clear in "stereo" since I have the bluetooth thing in my car, please know how much I appreciated it ALL! When I came in yesterday morning to work at Country Roads, I probably passed this little birthday display that Carol & Yesi had waiting for me several times. I get distracted easily. I fell in love with the sign, and I love any lotion with a coconut fragrance, thus they gave me a whole basket full. The display was so cute, and I was going to leave it there for the day, then I remembered it was "BSC" Sunday, and brought behind the counter. We had dinner last night over at CPK in Seal Beach. Vinnie and Riley were waiting for us and the only one missing was Brande. She was flying home from back East and missed our little party. Here are some of my favorite photos below.

I fell in love with watching Riley feeding Morgan ice cream. She took care to wipe Morgan's little face with the napkin. Not sure Morgan was overly happy with that one! Again, I just one to thank everyone for my "attitude of gratitude" this morning. I feel very wealthy in family and friends, thanks.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Happy Late Birthday...glad you had a great day.

Vintage Market Place said...

lucky lucky girl.
so great that you have your family all there to be with you.
It sounds like you had a wonderful time. Don't you just want to eat those girls up!! So adorable.
Enjoy the rest of your birthday week

Malisa said...

Love the photos with the girls and the hot fudge sundae! What fun! Did you have a Corona Float? :) It is amazing how Riley is always in Bryce's lap! Glad you family always celebrates together! You are lucky that way! Thanks for sharing your precious grandkid pictures!