Headed North!

My boy Bryce, and his buddy, David, who is also a dealer at Country Roads are headed North today. North meaning, up to the Alameda Flea Market for tomorrows flea market. Bryce has been working extra hard for this trip and David recently returned from a buying trip at Brimfield. They've rented a 24 foot truck for this trip, so I hope if you are up in the area at the show, you will stop by and see them. Below are a few of the things Bryce has been working on lately!

The above mirror is my VERY favorite. Bryce made it out of an old car part, I want it, badly!! I do have a birthday coming up this month. Maybe I need to remind him!! Tomorrow I will have some pictures of all this stuff, and David's stuff put together as in a display for the Alameda Flea Market. I'm anxious to see it. I can tell you, it's ALL about the "industrial" look as you can tell. Also, I have pictures of Tim & Lisa's display at the Farm Chicks Show to share with you tomorrow as well! And "one" more thing. Today is Morgan Clover Jackson's first birthday!! Just like so many things in life, her first year as passed in "the blink of an eye"! I am very grateful that because she lives with me, I get to see my little girl change daily. And now, look out world, Morgan is mobile! Happy Birthday Morgan, Gramma loves you!


Genie said...

In April we headed north for Easter and the Flea but it poured on Sunday and we didn't get to go.

Next time.

Vintage Market Place said...

His stuff is amazing!
I can't wait til next MONDAY I will be there to see it in person.
Do they set up at the Rosebowl, I will be there next Sunday.
I love the middle name CLOVER so wonderful!

Just have to add, your comment yesterday had me laughing so hard Rudy had to ask what I was reading.
Tears rolled down my face.
That is a creative Friday, hope the tide has gone down and today is better
Take care Sue

www.MaisonStGermain.com said...

Great things. I'll bet they look fantastic together.
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Malisa said...

That mirror is kick butt! How clever! You have got to quit showing my lights! Bryce is going to sell them all and you know they are mine! I can't wait until you can take me to this show!