The In's and Out's at Country Roads

A day off! Although, those of you that are self employed KNOW there really are never "days off" as you are always working on something! I wanted to take just a second to thank all of you that came in to see us this week-end. I really enjoyed talking with you and sincerely appreciate your business. Thought I'd share some of the in's and out's at Country Roads this morning. Loretta, Full Bloom Cottage, has been working really hard on the inside of Country Roads. And, I'm not just saying this. Loretta is committed to what she is doing, and it pays off for her. The pictures below will actually tell you much more about her hard work on the inside of Country Roads.

And now for the "outside" of Country Roads. We've got a new garden guy, who has been patiently waiting for a little piece of paradise to bring his treasures to. Mike Parsons, is and always will be, one of my most favorite dealers at Country Roads. I can't even put into words what a kind and sweet person he is. And not only that, he only carries the "best of the best" when it comes to antiques! The pictures below don't really show what Mike's stuff is going to look like, but I thought I would give you a sneak preview of things to come!

As I said above, when you are self employed, there really are not too many days off. But when you LOVE what you do, and work with people that you care about and they care about you, that makes ALL the difference in the world!


Deb said...

so true...when your self employed even if your business is closed your thinking about it or working on it...

Vintage Market Place said...

I am so inspired by the row of hanging drawstring bags, I think I have a new idea for the laundry room.
The new garden guys stuff is looking very good, I am on the hunt for a porch swing, hoping to stumble across one when I come out to shop soon.
Self employed or mother or both never a days rest.
I understand fully.

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

I saw the row of bags the other day and fell in love with it too!!!

Six in One Hand said...

THanks for stopping by my blog!!
I love the hanging bags...definite inspiration!!!

P.S. I love your blog....so much so that I just became a follower!