The "Farm Chicks" Show

I think this is the first time that Country Roads has had any of it's "family" do the Farm Chicks Show up in Washington! Many of you know Tim & Lisa for the amazing stuff they find. Tim's magical, and believe me, the magical, artistic side of Tim is TRULY amazing!! I mentioned last week the sneak preview I got of what was headed up to the Farm Chicks Show! And as I write this, I know Tim and Lisa are setting up for the show and I'm eagerly awaiting the photos to share. Above is Tim & Lisa with Rachel Ashwell at her book signing she did at Country Roads this past November. Tim and Bryce put together this over the top display for her, and you can see some of it in this picture. This is my boy Bryce with Rachel, and more of the great display that Tim and Bryce put together for her book signing. When I first met Tim way back in, I think, 1992 or 93, he didn't have the hair that he has now. Actually it was cut short! I think the reason he has so much hair now is that his head just couldn't hold anymore of his creativity so it expanded to his hair to make more room for his creative juices to flow!! Tim and Lisa have a good eye for great antiques, that is a given when you look at some of these displays of theirs from the past months here at Country Roads. Tim's mom has been in this biz for years, so like my kids, Tim grew up around this stuff as well and junkin comes kind of naturally to him. The thing about Tim though is he can truly pick up a piece of junk, that may look like trash to someone else, and turn it into a piece of art, I kid you not!! These are the thing things I love the most. When I saw the van and trailer full of stuff he created I was in awe. Amazing and unbelievable is all I can say. I can't wait to share pictures of his booth at the Farm Chicks Show this week-end. And if you are one of the lucky ones that get to go, be sure to say hello to Tim and Lisa!


Boogieboard Cottage said...

I think that's the booth in the very far front corner of County Road's that I mentioned is my favorite one. I reconize the beautiful chippy dresser and lovely burlap walls. I liked it right away, the minute I first saw it. They truely are very talented. I wish I could have met Rachel Ashwell, how fun would that be? Have a nice weekend. Mary :O)

time worn interiors said...

I agree they do have great stuff! I can't wait to see their booth at farm chicks!! Have a great weekend, hope you survive BSCS!!