So I Hear?

Rumor goes, that Tim is headed out of Texas and back home today. He shopped till he dropped and got some great stuff according to my inside source, Gloria! Here are a few pictures of what is currently for sale in Tim & Lisa's space. I have a feeling it won't look this way for long! Once Tim gets home, I'm sure his artistic talents and brainstorming will be working overtime!

Sometimes we think there are so many miles between us and our friends. Well, thanks to technology these days, we can be "there" in a matter of seconds through pictures. Gloria and her husband Ted are now in Texas shopping and so is one of my favorite guys at Country Roads, Mike! And by the way, Mike is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet, seriously. I wanted Gloria to go to my friend Malisa's photo booth , "PentUp Photos" outside of Zapp Hall and take some photos for me. She makes me "feel" like I'm almost really there, almost. So, viola. . .there is Mike and Gloria having their picture taken by my buddy Malisa. And moments later, Gloria texts the photo to me. Amazing, and even though I'm not physically out there sweating, shopping and having fun, I can see what is going on through photos. Be sure and stop by my buddy Malisa's photo booth while you are there, okay? And tell her I said hi!


Boogieboard Cottage said...

I love Tim's sprinkler knobs! I could think of a lot of things to do with those. I can't wait to see what Tim and Lisa do with their booth, everything they do is fantastic! Take care, Mary :O)

Vintage Market Place said...

Whatever they come back with I am sure it will be so awesome.
Those crates in the booth now, I need those. Love the style love the booth can't wait to see it all new and not so shiny.

Maureen said...

Used properly (as in NOT while driving), technology can be a wonderful thing!

Prior said...

Cool photos, I love signs, crates,and knobs. Lezlee

Bohemian said...

So much fabulousness that I'd need a U-Haul to cart away all of the things I'd fall in love with!

Dawn... The Bohemian