Buddy's Story

Several months ago, someone had a young dog they couldn't keep. And if no one took the dog, it was going to end up at the pound. I've always said my family genes with certain things, especially the love of animals, have been passed down to my kids and grandkids big time! Buddy's living conditions at the store weren't the best but not the worse, and our hopes were that Buddy would find a home. I tried really hard to pretend there wasn't a dog around, to not get attached. I have too many pets at home as is, and I didn't want or need to bring another one home.  A few weeks ago, someone called animal control twice, and they came out to the store. Actually there was nothing really wrong, but Bryce began bringing Buddy home at night. I began becoming attached as much as I didn't want to. So yesterday was the day that someone was coming to Country Roads to adopt Buddy. In the picture above, Bryce had his little girl Morgan sit on the steps and say "good-bye" to Buddy. And yes, it really got to me. But I kept thinking he would be happy with his new family.

When Buddy first started spending time at my house we discovered something. He LOVES the water. I can't keep him out of the pool. There were times he would go out in the backyard and just lay on the steps in the shallow end of the pool. He enjoyed playing fetch with pool toys, even dragging big rafts up to the steps.

I was working yesterday when the new people came to get Buddy. I have to say I watched sadly as they walked him across Chapman to their house. But in my heart I felt it was the best solution. At Country Roads we always have the front door open. It makes me feel like it is more welcoming. About fifteen minutes after Buddy left, there was suddenly a "streak" of something that ran in the door, down the back aisle, and into the garden to the place that had been a home. Yes, Buddy broke out, ran across busy Chapman Avenue and came back home. When I saw him just lying there, coming back to the place that was his home, it really got to me. But, I gave the new people a break thinking it was an accident, which it was.

They came looking for him and we told them Buddy was here. I tried to gently "suggest" that maybe until Buddy got more use to his new home that maybe they should put him in their bathroom till he got use to his new family. And off Buddy went again and I "thought" this is still for the best.

I got back to working, and we all felt better thinking everything would be alright. I'm guessing a half hour had passed, and once again a streak of something ran through the front door, down the back aisle, to the garden and Buddy was back "home"! For the longest time, I've tried my best to not get attached to this dog. But I think all of us at Country Roads yesterday knew Buddy couldn't go back to the other family. What kept him from getting hit by a car is beyond me. I told Bryce that Buddy needed to come home to "us", to a family that will love him, take care of him, and not let him out or in danger of getting hit by a car! You know, things in life always happen for a reason. My dog, Sally the Cabana Dog, is getting pretty old. She spends most of her time inside sleeping. I have too many cats, but they are well taken care of. And now I have a new dog, his name is Buddy. And I know in my heart that he belongs with us, here, at our "home"! Welcome home Buddy! Now if I can just keep him out of the pool!!


Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

Awwww you are amazing Sue! I love this story. I so wish we could have a dog but Coop is allergic so i won't even attempt it until he is older. What a miracle that Buddy survived both attempts across Chapman - that's a busy intersection there with no stop sign!! Well, I can tell that it was definitely meant to be!! :)

The Boston Lady said...

Buddy is one lucky dog! He is absolutely beautiful and I'm glad he is "home". You have such a kind heart, Sue. Ann

Annie Louise said...

Oh my goodness, such a sweet post. You and your family are good people, I am sure Buddy will bring you many years of enjoyment, hey, if he can run across Chapman twice and not get hit, he is for sure going to live a happy, long life.
Take care,

Kate said...

Dear Sue
He is now part of our beautiful Country Roads family and he too knew he belonged there. We know where home is especially in our hearts.

See you soon

Anonymous said...

I know all that you and your family do to help pets and it looks like this time a pet did something for you and your family. Welcome home Buddy, may you have many fun filled days swimming in the pool and hanging out with your family.

Maureen said...

It appears that somebuddy loves you! How awesome!

Mary said...

It sounds like Buddy had made up his mind already who he loves and who his family is. He really looks like one happy dog when he's at your house. Congtats on your new member of the family! Mary :O)

Recycled Rita said...

I love that story! Buddy is definitely meant to be your family! He knew it all along and it just took a while for you to figure it out! So cute!