An Industrial Quickie!

I need to take off here in a few minutes to Country Roads! I always love working week-ends, because usually we stay pretty busy. This morning I thought I would share some pictures of some industrial "eye candy" that we currently have at CR!  Enjoy.

Many of you already know, that there is a lot to do in Old Towne Orange. I hope come down this week-end and enjoy our quint little historic Old Towne! And of course, Country Roads as well!! Take care.


Alaina said...

Ok, I have to tell you that I so wish I was near your store because I am just loving that huge anotomy wall hanging. I think it would look awesome on my wall for Halloween. So, how much is it? And would you ship? Seriously!

Genie said...

You are such a tease. I love the left hand pitcher. I'm not a fan of blue and white (even though I should be..so Dutch and Portuguese..go figure) but love anything with a windmill.

Barbara Jean said...


barbara jean

Maureen said...

Cool stuf! The trunk on wheels is awesome.