Where I Do My Thinkin'

We all have our favorite places to escape to and relax. I would love to jump on a plane right now, and head over to Maui, maybe grab a cool beer at the Barefoot Bar in Kanapali! But since I'm a few dollars short for my ticket and hotel, I spend most of my down time (when I can find that time) in this place that my dear, sweet friend, my "RuFie", calls my Long Beach Club Med! Actually, it's just my backyard that has an old pool and is filled with junk (I mean valuable collectibles) everywhere you look! As you can see in these pictures below!!

There are plenty of places to sit, but the old rocker with the cushion that REALLY needs to be replaced this year, is my spot! It always has been. Usually Sally my "Cabana Dog" joins me on the lounge next to my chair. I put on my Bose headphones (worth every damn penny I spent on 'em), grab my Ipod and sometimes a cold Corona as well. And I sit and I do my "thinkin"! I think we all need a break these days with all the craziness in the world. I like to just try and stay positive, think good thoughts, and relax and go to a different place in my head, it helps. I get emails from Simple Truths. Today they sent a short little "positive message" that I thought I would share with you! I hope all of you too have a good, favorite spot to do your own thinkin'!!


Kristin @ Yellow Bliss Road said...

This is what I really need - a thinkin' spot! Thanks for the positive vibes!!

Love seeing pictures of your backyard, I just love it!!!

trash talk said...

American Pickers would lose their minds out there. Me...I think I would find mine!

Maureen said...

A little slice of heaven if you ask me!

Thanks for sharing the video - just what I needed.

Cindy said...

I was going to say the same thing Trash Talk said...American Pickers dream come true! LOVE everything! A perfect place to relax and think!

Anonymous said...

CR has been my favorite spot to shop in the Circle for many years. It has been my happy place for so many reasons. Most of my favorite things I have in my home are from there.

WhisperWood Cottage said...

Such a great collection of pieces! Definitely things you don't find in the Midwest! A perfect place for a junker to relax!