Tis The Season in "The Room"!

Yesterday, Debbie & Kate really brought the holidays to "the room" here at Country Roads! Seriously, you walk into this part of the store and you just stare in awe!! I'll show you what I mean.

These are just a few of the pictures that I posted today. Believe me, I had more. And what is even better is not only "the room" is decked out for the holidays, but a good part of the store is as well. I really hope you get a chance to stop by and enjoy all of our seasonal decor along with all the rest of the great stuff that we here at Country Roads are really loving!


Pent-Up Photos said...

Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my chin. Please! Why are you teasing us like this? You know it just makes us want to come visit you! You know my favorite photo? It is the close-up of the single silver/mercury Christmas ball. I know, I'm weird.


The Boston Lady said...

Now that has put me in the mood for the season! Just so pretty. Ann

Annie Louise said...


marcela cavaglieri said...

I think I just saw Santa in one of the pics...no, wait! it can't be, it's only November!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kate and Debbie out did themselves again!!
So much beauty! I need to get in to see it in person.
Have a great night Sue!!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

The mercury glass and bottle brush trees are so pretty--several things there I wanted!