We All Do It!

Even though we may work in this business of antiques, and are so use to displaying and putting stuff together. . . I think we all do the same thing when we are at home. Right? I know if I'm sitting at home, I and I notice that something is angled wrong, I "have" to fix it! Otherwise, it will make me crazy!! Here are a few of my favorite things that I surround myself with. . .

I've got this "thing" with kids stuff.  I feel in love with this old trike! I liked that it had storage in the back as does my grandson Bodhi.  The "Hygienic Milk Delivery" sign in the background actually isn't a sign. It use to sit on top of an old milk truck years ago. I remember buying it from my friend Chris Nickoloff. She always got the best of the best when it came to the really old stuff. Sadly she passed away several years ago, but she is never forgotten. And if you wonder where I got most of my stuff? Of course I bought it at Country Roads. My favorite store!!


marcela cavaglieri said...

I had the pleasure to see many of your things right there where they belong and they are just gorgeous!! Glad you posted today!

Kate said...

Your home is filled with such love and its so wonderful to see all of your collections! So loved to see your post today!

Take care

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Loving that first sign...I can't quite see but I think it says Watertown MA...right around the corner from where I grew up!!

CURIOUS said...

SUE . . . Your Home is Filled with so much EYE CANDY . . . Yummm !!