It's Been Awhile

I have no idea, as always, where the time has gone. It seems like Thanksgiving wasn't all that far away and here we are with the holidays behind us and headed into our new year. To say I've been working a lot at Country Roads would be an understatement. But sometimes we do what we have to do. Right now, "the store" is looking better than ever.  My CR family has been in re-doing things as we begin the new year. Here are some of my favorite treasures from Loretta's (aka Full Bloom Cottage) space. Her and her husband Jesse did a great job yesterday!!

My very favorite thing I love about Country Roads is the amount of inventory that comes in daily at the store. My CR family is the best of the best. Stop by and see what I'm talking about!


Kate said...

You inspire each of us to be our best and it shows!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Happy New Year!!!
It's so wonderful to see some of Loretta's beauty!! She has such a wonderful talent!
I miss you all!
Have a lovely night.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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