Industrial Love

Many people thought the industrial thing wouldn't last. They use to say it was a fad. But for us here at Country Roads, it's still going strong.  My heart always falls hard for country primitives, but I've got to tell you, I've got some a few nice lamps my son Bryce has made in my home. I love them.  Here are a few of his other industrial creations.

This awesome lamp was made by Shawn who is right by Bryce in our third building. Just like the lamps above, this one Shawn made as a lot of attention to detail.

And speaking of industrial, I love, love, love this big work table. The bottom is all metal lockers with a great, thick would table top on it. It belongs to Karen and her mom. I was just admiring it today. Seems the cold snap here has finally "snapped out of it" and be are back to our great CA sunshine. Come on down and see us this week-end! We will also be open on MLK Day as well!


Recycled Rita said...

I love all those lamps! I am so fickle in what I love because I appreciate a little from all the different styles. I love primitives and cottage and a little industrial, I love frenchie style and kitchy (sp?) Some day I will figure it out! Until then, I am having fun enjoying them all!

blossoms vintage chic said...

Great pics Sue, your boy Bryce is incredibly talented!!
I'm in love with the rolling cart with sides...imagine all the possibilities!
See you soon,

Kathryn Cain said...

love the lamps and the chippy and the range of styles