Cell Phone Towers, Dancin, Cookin, My Girl, and Karma & Q-Tips

I woke up this morning feeling like crap, my ear was on its second day of being completley plugged. But then things began to change. First, Riley came over and we built "cell phone towers" together with mini cell phones out of her blocks. Then we did some "dancin", our favorite thing to do and Riley was dancin' pretty fast today, me, I still couldn't hear! Next it was time for Riley to do another thing she loves, "cookin". She made us both "lunch"!Pretty soon daddy was here to pick up "my girl", cause Gramma had a doctors appointment. On to the "karma & q-tips". The past week or so, I haven't been feeling real good, a bit of a cold, nothing horrible. But every night my sinus' would drain into one of my ears(gross) and I would wake up not being able to hear out of that ear, but it always immediately opened back up. Yesterday morning, my ear was REALLY plugged up, I couldn't hear anything and it wouldn't open back up! I "googled" how to unplug a plugged ear and tried everything, and nothing worked! So, I got a q-tip! We all know the limits of the q-tip. You should only shove them so far down your ear and as the doctor said to me this afternoon, "you just figured you had gone that far, why not go ahead and shove all the way down your ear". Which I had done and which also didn't work. So all day yesterday at the store I couldn't hear in one ear at all, and stuff was echoing out of my other ear. It was making me CRAZY! Then this morning, even after my horrific experience after work at CVS where customer service sucks, the stuff I got there didn't help either. I was miserable. The "karma" of the whole thing is I've been pissed because my health insurance was going up again. Thankfully and gratefully I've been blessed with great health and never go to the doctors. So, I was going to apply online for cheap health insurance. Katie got me a doctors appointment today, they took me right way this afternoon.They "flushed" out my nasty ear and I can once again hear out of both ears! I have never felt so good in my life when I once again could HEAR!It kind of showed me the importance of good health insurance. It was the karma I needed not to switch my health insurance. And just a tip about "the tip of a q-tip". . .you need to remember to proceed with caution!Otherwise, you REALLY feel damn old when you can't hear anything for a day and a half!

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Malisa said...

The pictures of Riley are adorable! Love her dancing and cooking photos!

I have this screwed up eardrum. Ever since I was a kid, that eardrum ruptures every year! As I got older, it would erupt a couple of times a year. Several years ago, I even had a mastoidectomy where they rebuilt the inner ear! That worked for a year, but now the sucker is rupturing again! Besides the horrific pain, I experience the plugged up ear like you! I hate it! People don't understand how frustrating a plugged up ear is! I can almost have a panic attack over a plugged up ear! Anyway, I am so happy that you are feeling better now! I am one girl who can sympathize with you!