Another Craaazzzzy Saturday!

  We had another great Saturday at Country Roads today, but wow, it kicks your ass in the process. I'm so very grateful to be busy and I had some really great customers today sharing such kind words with me about the store. I thank all of you for that. And now for the "other side" of the day. First, it's been a full moon, have you noticed? And when it's a full moon "they" all come out. Then you throw in this crazy rain that would come down in buckets and then stop. It makes for a craaazzzzy Saturday! People are a trip, and there are times it is almost like watching a car crash on the freeway. You don't want to look, but you can't help yourself because some are just such freaks. Oh God, and then the bathroom issues again. I won't go into it but let's just say at least there were no "smashed peanut butter cups". Country Roads is housed in old, historic buildings. The floors are uneven, and the buildings are made of brick and block, not insulated, etc. I've noticed the past week or two, when it's rained, a little water has been coming in the back corner of the last building. So, I thought I would just check on it this afternoon right before we closed. When I went back there I found small pond in the back! I thought about decorating it with some vintage fishing poles, buckets, and maybe some park benches. You know, make it all about the "decorating". We rolled our jeans up, moved some furniture around and maybe I'll figure something out before I go back tomorrow morning. Of course, I have NO idea where our shop vac is, do you Bryce???? (my son who borrows my stuff). Anyway, as the last of the customers were leaving and I saw our awesome numbers for the day, I looked out the front door. And across the street in the sky, there it was. The most beautiful rainbow I've seen in a long time. It jumped out of the sky with such brillant colors. I just stared at it as I let the last of the customers out. Then I would point out the rainbow to some, "look, there is a rainbow". I probably sounded as goofy as Forest Gump, kind of like a simpleton. But you know, I didn't care. Some of the customers were just like me in awe of the rainbow, while others couldn't give a crap. I guess that's what life is about. I saw the rainbow as I saw my day of business. . .a sign that the world is really going to be a better place to live, we are all going to be okay. Especially if we pay attention to the moon, and stars, and especially rainbows!
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trash talk said...

You just better hope that was rain water and not a sign of hating to ask for the key if you catch my drift. Rainbows have a way of clearing up more than just a storm. Debbie

Malisa said...

Beautiful post! Aren't you the lucky one to be having all this business? Your place must be great!

Along with what Trash Talk said...there weren't any peanut butter cups floating in the water, were there? :)


Kellie Tripp said...

Nice, Sue, really nice! The good almost always outweighs the bad.

Jacque said...

What a great post! I always enjoy what you have to say but today it came with a rainbow! Nice. Jacque