"Ellen" Night!

Most Friday nights I do the same thing, since my Friday nights are like most people's Sunday nights in that my work days start tomorrow. I like to watch my weeks worth of recorded Ellen shows. I chill a couple of Corona's in the freezer, get in my jammie's and watch The Ellen Show in bed. I absolutely LOVE the Ellen show and it would be a dream to go see one of her shows! To me, Ellen is one of the funniest people around. I love when she plays "Blindfolded Musical Chairs". If you haven't seen it,you should, you will laugh your ass off!! I think the fact that Ellen is laughing the most out of everyone makes it even funnier. And how about that dancin? I love to dance so watching Ellen entertain a whole audience with her dancin skills is awesome. And let's not forget some of her favorite guests. I love the 82 year old woman who Ellen calls on the phone and she tells Ellen, "I love Jesus but I drink a little bit". They flew her out to the show and made her a big scotch on the rocks when she sat down on camera for her interview. And outside of all the dancin and comedy, Ellen has a huge heart. She is always helping people so what more could you ask for in a tv show? My day has been trying, nothing bad, just one technological breakdown after another. I went down to Whole Foods to get some sushi for dinner and was going to take a photo of the marina and sunset, which is across the street. When I got there, I didn't have my camera. It was kind of the way my day went ALL day, and you know, "mama said there will be days like that"! So, I'm off to watch my week's worth of the Ellen show, while lovin' Jesus as I drink a little bit!!


delighted heart said...

Sorry you had a challenging day! I always loved Ellen in that first TV show/comedy that she did. The name has slipped my mind...I'm sure it will come to me about midnight! Do you have any frozen mugs? I like my Corona so cold it's almost in margarita stage! And then we need some chips and hot sauce...make that Pace Picante Sauce..I'm from Texas! LOL
Hope your day tomorrow is blessed and prosperous!

Malisa said...

Okay,girl...this is unbelievable! I am an Ellen freak! Can't miss her show! And, yes, I love the old lady who loves Jesus but drinks a little! She is friggin hilarious...not intentionally...but hilarious! And Ellen had the most precocious little boy on today...you know-the one who dates the 26 year old woman! He did the some-kind-of Tuna dance...and Ellen's expression just cracked me up! I am sure you will watch it tonight! Okay, here is the deal...I have got to plan a trip in the future to come meet you, see Crossroads, play with Riley, pet Leonard and we can go to the Ellen Show! Is that a deal? And just when you thought your day could get no worse, you get the news that Malisa wants to come visit!

Have a great evening in front of the tv with your comfy jammies and cold Corona!


Barntiques said...

I am not a beer drinker, but I LOVE Ellen too. When I grow up, I want to be like Ellen. She is so full of life. She is very quick and so damned funny! I am going to suggest we play blindfold musical chairs at the next garage sale I have. Can you imagine that! I laugh my a$@ off at least a couple of times during each of her shows. In this world, we need all of the humor we can get. And by the way, I love your blog!

Harmless Brat said...

i as at the taping of the president's day episode, when she called Obama. lol. :D and to be honest, it was the 1st show i've seen haha :D but it was a lot of fun and the studio was soooo pretty :D