I'm A Geek: The Moon & Venus!

Okay, I got a little distracted on the way to my room to watch Ellen. Katie knows I'm all into the moon and stars thing, so she called to tell me to take a look at the moon and Venus! I'm glad she did or would have been sad to have missed it. Venus is at its max when it comes to brightness and both the moon and Venus are crescent shaped. I do believe Jupiter is involved in this cool evening show in the sky, but not exactly sure. Anyway, I hope you all get a chance to see what I'm talking about. I just dragged my daughter-in-law away from the cupcakes she was making to look at the sky. I also, like a geek, tried to take a photo but apparently I need a much better camera so I downloaded one from the internet. Happy star gazing!!

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Harmless Brat said...

wow that makes me very jealous! :D wish i could see it :D :D