Activism is sort of described as "the practice of using action to achieve a result". I sincerly admire activists! I took another afternoon off to spend time with myself and went to see "Milk". If you haven't seen it, I strongly suggest you do. It brought back a lot of memories for me of the 70's. Sean Penn was awesome in the role of Harvey Milk. The thing that kept coming back to me as I watched the movie is that 30 years ago they were fighting to defeat Prop 6 in California. And here we were again, a few months ago, unbelieveably 30 years later, trying to fight to defeat Prop 8 in California. I know it's a touchy subject to many people, (sorry, not for me)and I have to say it, "prejudice is prejudice", no matter how you try to skate around it, no matter how much you sugar coat it, prejudice is just wrong! I was brought up in a family that "accepted" people regardless of race, sex preference, and all the other stuff people find reasons to be prejudiced about. I will now "try" step down off my soap box and just say, go see the movie "Milk", it is very, very good. I hope Sean Penn wins the Oscar on Sunday night, he deserves it! To lighten the subject, after the movie I went down to Brande's. We walked to Taco Surf, a little hole in the wall Mexican resturant. After dinner we were headed to walk down the pier, I just had to stop. On the corner by Coldstone, there was this Japanese woman walking this HUGE Siamese cat on a leash that was sniffing the dog pee on the building!! I wish I had my camera with me, which I almost always do! The woman's English was a little broken but she was encouraging me to pet the giagantic cat. Now, I have way too many cats of my own, and I'm a total cat lover, but I have and have had Siamese cats. They are extremely bright and have a mind of their own. So when I saw the cat look at me as in saying, "don't "F" with me or I'll bite your hand off", I just politely declined to pet her cat. The woman said something else, which I couldn't understand, and I just smiled and quietly walked away amazed at what I had just seen! The ocean was beautiful tonight, the air was crisp and clear. I'm really grateful to live so close to the beach. On our walk back home, I ran into one of my good friends Leslie, and her family. It was a nice evening, nice spending time talking to Brande. She campaigned on "No on Prop 8" back in the fall. I was so proud of her for heading up the Long Beach office of the campaign. Okay, I can't get off my soap box, sorry. I hope the world will be a more understanding, and non-prejudicial as Riley, and my soon to be born new granddaughter, Morgan grow-up. People just need to get OVER themselves, do you know what I mean?


Malisa said...

Morgan! How beautiful! I love that she already has a name! Riley and Morgan...Leonard's new friends!

Thanks for your comments on prejudice! You are so right...prejudice is prejudice! So many people try to label their feelings with phoney labels...while all the time it is just plain old prejudice!

Haven't seen the movie, but am making plans as we speak!

It's so good to be back!


Barntiques said...

AMEN SISTAH! I am not a religous freak by any step of the way, but this was the first words that came out of my mouth! I could have never lived in a world with the acceptance of prejudices. I am with you on getting this worked out before my grandson's hear about it! Oh yes, I have started the teachings and at times, I suppose it is PREACHINGS! But truly we have to leave this world a better place for them. I love your directness with your blog and appreciate it alot!