She Does It All

Cyndy Finch and her husband Bill, are amazing. Seriously! With a full time job, Cyndy still manages to put all of "this" together. And that includes sewing many of the pillows you see. They have a  lot of real estate here at Country Roads and all of it, and I do mean "all" of it, always looks great.  Take a look at some of the magic she performed yesterday.

All of my Country Roads family works hard, and I'm grateful for that. But I'm just always amazed to see the magic that Cyndy and Bill perform here at Country Roads without making a sound. And by the way, I'm working hard to get my online store up and running by the first of the year. This year I just had way too much going  on to do it all. If you should every see anything you can't live without, give us a call and charge it over the phone. Have a beautiful Fall day.


Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

Great post Sue! Have a great weekend. Wish you could stop by the fleamarket. Ciao

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Great stuff--love those pillows!