New Industrial Stuff

We've got some great new industrial "stuff" in here at Country Roads. My son Bryce has these tables for sale. They were made from the old large saw blades. He sanded the edges down and made tables out of them.  They are a one of kind. Here are a few pictures of the latest industrial stuff that just arrived  here at Country Roads.

I wish I had room for this long table on wheels. It would make a great kitchen island. Stop on by see what we've got for you here at Country Roads. As you can see we've got industrial, but a whole lot more of other stuff as well. Cathy (aka the Vintage Lady) has been doing a makeover as Karen and several others have. Hope to see you soon!


The Boston Lady said...

I love those tables - genius! It was so good to see and chat with you Sue! We will be back! Big article in the LA Times today about the Seal Beach salon that experienced that tragedy last year. The story is very inspiring. Ann

Anonymous said...

amazing stuff, I especially like the table base in the first photo.I wonder where he got it? tee hee. Stacey

chateau de fleurs said...

oooh, I love those clever tables made out of the saw blades! Hoping everything is going well with you Sue! XO Christie