Little GrandKids

I've been busy lately with my "other" job, being a Gramma. It is by far, one of my favorite roles in my life, being a Gramma and all. But, I have to admit there are days that it can also be one of the most exhausting jobs as well. Riley is now four, Morgan is now 17 months, and Bodhi is four months. And they are ALL busy in their own little ways. Bodhi, for some reason was in "spit up" mode yesterday, just like a fountain! I think I went through every shirt in his diaper bag! Here's a few pictures of my favorite little people!

There is nothing better than watching a sleeping baby. And there is nothing better to help you, as a Gramma, get a good night sleep either when you have your little ones. They are very busy! Family, there are good times, there are bad times, but my family never forgets what we all mean to each other, no matter how many babies are crying at the same time!
Anthony Brandt once said:
"Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family"


Boogieboard Cottage said...

Bodhi is so adorable! It made me laugh when you wrote about him spitting up like a fountain. It made me think of my days as an infant teacher. There were two teachers and eight babies. Boy the spit up stories I could tell you!And I clearly remember many times when all eight cried at the same time! I was pretty tired when I came home, but I loved it, I love babies. Mary :O)

Malisa said...

Oh, my gosh! Bodhi is gorgeous! He is growing up so fast! Girlfriend, you have a house full of gorgeous children and glowing love!

Vintage Market Place said...

Sue, you posted this at a time when I am at my end as a mother, haven't had 'REAL' sleep in almost 2 years.
We are in the terrible 2's and we haven't even hit 2...
Your post has made me realize, even though it is the hardest job in the world he is still my flesh and blood my baby that needs my love more than ever right now.
THANK YOU for this post
You are a wise and lucky gramma and just like a good mama, you always know what to say.

Kate said...

They are all so precious and yet the time flies by so quickly. I am so tickled to always see the latest photos of Bodhi!!! Too cute for words they are. Love that little red car it even fits with your decor.


Ann said...

they are all just adorable!! Spit up days..how I remember those!!! mine are now 6,5,2 1/2...been living with us,and their Mom, since the day they were born!!!
you are so right about seeing a sleeping baby..so precious..makes all the craziness worthwile when you see those seet faces. The hugs and sticky kisses are the best!!
Good nights sleep..haven't had one in years!!!!!! oh well!!
They do grow fast..you look back and they are "grown up" little people!
thanks for sharing your darlings!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Your grand babies are so absolutely adorable!! I know what you mean, there is nothing better in the world than a sleeping baby, especially when mama or grandma needs a little rest! :)
Have a lovely day!

time worn interiors said...

Gramma! The best job in the world!

trash talk said...

Girl, you know we gave up good night's sleep when we started having kids. Those days are gone forever....but so worth it.
A little 411 about spit up that we learned with Bella. The doctors now refer to it as GER and there are medicines to help if it continues to be a problem. Sometimes it's actually that the esophagus muscles are not quite fully developed. Who knew...I always thought my babies could just tell when I had put on a clean shirt!

Irma@CosasBellas said...

Wow, how did Bodhi go from looking like a baby to looking like a big boy so fast!?! Your grandbabies are what Nate Berkus referred to as snacks, cuz you just want to eat them up =o)

11 years ago, my baby shower decor all consisted of a picture of a sleeping baby that looked so much like the sleeping pic of Bohdi.
What a blessed lady you are Miss Sue!


Full Bloom Cottage said...

Bodhi is so cute! I was just telling Katie, that he looks like a little man already. Maybe you should think about entering him up as the new little Ralph Lauren baby model! Hehe.
Love the sleeping pic! Reminds me of when mine were that age, so peaceful, so innocent!
take care,