Halloween 2010

As many of you know already, my famiy is very important to me. And times we are all able to be together are the times I love the most. Last night we met over at Katie's house to go "Trick or Treating". Also, as I've said many times before, Katie lives in the house I grew up in, although her and Vinnie re-modeled it after my folks died. For me to be able to spend Halloween with my grandkids in the neighborhood I grew up in is something I can't even put begin to put into words.

Finally dinner, drinks, pumkin carving, preparing for the big night, getting costumes fixed, and drying tears, we were ready hit the streets of my old neighborhood for some serious "Trick or Treating"!

By the time we reached my old elementary school, and I had SO wanted my grandbabies to pose in front of my kindergarden room above, they were all pretty much over Halloween! Morgan had already called it a night, Bodhi was asleep, and Brande tried, without too much luck, to get Riley to pose in front of my kindergarden door at Patrick Henry Elementary in Long Beach. It was Room 1 and my teacher was Miss Mendoza. Funny how you remember those things. Riley & Aunt Brande decide to check out her haul of candy for the night. Riley is making the decision which pieces of candy Aunt Brande can take home with her! Bodhi, calling it a night after his first Halloween. Just dreamin' of next year when he can be out chasing the girls and getting to say, "Trick or Treat"! Another memory tucked away in my heart!


Annie Louise said...

How adorable!

Malisa said...

Awwwww! All your kids were so adorable! They are each beauties! I remember the stress of Halloween when my kids were little. SO much to do! I had forgotten the stress until I saw your photos. Riley had just had her fill! Thanks, Brande for posing in front of Sue's kindergarten door! Thanks so much for sharing your fun, memory making evening with us!


The Boston Lady said...

Sue, looks like a wonderfully exhausting time was had by all. How sweet they all are. Ann

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

What a wonderful night, Sue! I remember those fun times with my own kids still and believe it or not the 2 of them got candies last night ...at 17 and 19 years old!!!! can you believe it????

Full Bloom Cottage said...

Ahhh, they are so beautiful! I remember the days when I got to pick the costume, and take them all out to trick or treat. I only have the little one left, the others have parted to be with their friends. This is the 2nd halloween not being all together. It is really sad, I miss those days!! Nevertheless, they are all bound to grow up soon or later, huh?

Tanza said...

Hi Sue,
What a truly Happy Halloween you all had together !! FuN memories you are creating !! Your babies are all so adorable, and I could just eat THEM up !! Sooo Sweet, and that baby bo looks identical to his Mommy .. Ooohh my gosh ..

I'm soo jealous the girls have PiNk pumpkins .. I want a PiNk pumpkin .. I've NeVer seen those in the stores .. What FuN !! Hoping all is well with you and sure I will see you soon, I'm actually having CR withdrawls ..
Happy day ~Tanza~

trash talk said...

Don't you wish we could freeze frame these special moments? They're small for such a short time and I know you're like me...want to hang on and savor each precious minute. They're darling, beautiful babies....course that's a heckuva great gene pool they're swimming in!

Blooming Rose Musings said...

Oh Sue, what wonderful memories were made for both you and the entire family. The children are just so sweet and you can see their love and excitement in all
of your beautful pictures. This is
the age when Halloween is really a
sweet holiday.

time worn interiors said...

Grand babies are the best! Getting me another one in Feb. Can't wait!