Day Two Eye Candy

Today is Sunday. And it is also day two of our big sale that we are having! As I sit here in front of my computer,  I realize how busy we were yesterday as I have a few aches and pains from our amazing day. I was a bit surprised by how busy we were. The morning started off early when a bus of wonderful shoppers pulled up to the store and began to shop! My gratitude goes out not only to the customers from San Diego, but to each and everyone of you that stopped by yesterday. Here is a little bit of eye candy below to show you some of our "stuff" at Country Roads!

Again, I'm very grateful for all of you. Thank you and I look forward to seeing many more of you today. For those of you that like to garden, Johnnye Merles Gardens & Nursery is having a sale. Pick up some wonderful plants for your Spring gardens, including Annie's Annuals at 15% off. Take care.


Unknown said...

fantastic pics- thanks for the journey.
have a wonderful holiday,


Pent-Up Photos said...

I'm bringing a bus full from Texas next year!


The Boston Lady said...

Sounds like it was a huge success, Sue. Good to hear. Ann

Ido said...

Hi Sue,
I did shop at Country Roads on Saturday, I know it was a success because my friends and I had to wait in line to pay for our goodies, We really enjoyed shopping there, I can't believe my friends didn't know about the store (living in Anaheim) and I (coming all the way from Utah) took them there. We spent like 5 hours at the store (until our feet were crying) I hope to come back next time we visit California.
Have a wonderful week!