Sunday Fun?

I never have any idea what are Sunday "fun" will be like at Country Roads. You just never know from week to week. And I think if I remember right, last night the moon looked pretty full. That always, without a doubt, makes for a adventurous day! Valentines were the hot item yesterday. There is something SO sweet about the old Valentines, especially when you see a little kid's name handwritten on the back. Below are a few things that also caught my eye yesterday while wandering around through Country Roads!

Yesterday I kept wandering out in the garden. It was a nice break from our busy day and the weather is so nice right now. I hope if you are looking for something to do you will come on down and see us!


Genie said...

Vintage valentines swoon. I love the door knobs/handles. We are slowing changing out all our knobs with lovely old ones.

Mary said...

It was so nice to get to meet you this weekend Sue! I loved seeing all of the great eye candy at Country roads too! Have a nice week, Mary :O)