The Quiet One

First, I want to apologize for the photos. They aren't the best since I've took them all on my cell phone. All week I've been talking about my computer issues. I've got to take the old one that crashed or got a "worm" to Best Buy and see if I can get all my pixs and doc's back. Meanwhile, that has forced me to learn my new computer, which is a really nice desktop Mac. At the beginning of the week, I couldn't stand this computer and questioned myself as to "why" I bought it. Yesterday at CR Gloria told me that we are too old to change from a PC to a Mac. I think that was my motivation to learn how to use my Mac! I never want to be too old to do anything, ever!  I'm hoping today Brande will help me get my camera hooked up so we won't have to have anymore of my iphone photos!  Today is my first post with  my new friend "Mac". I always call Cyndy Finch the "quiet one". She comes in with her husband Bill and works all of her spaces without anyone ever realizing she is even there. She quitely goes about creating these awesome vingettes as you will see below!

Again, I'm sorry these photos weren't better so you could all really see how wonderful these displays of Cyndy's are! I hope you have some time to stop by and see us this week-end. The weather is absolutely beautiful outside. Hope to see you soon!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
I know it's such a pain learning to work on a new computer. But I know you'll learn to love your Mac!
Cyndy's room is always so lovely! She has some wonderful things, but everyone in CR has amazing treasures!
Hope you have a great weekend.

marcela cavaglieri said...

No apologies needed, Sue. I can enjoy the goodies anyway!!!

The Boston Lady said...

Congratulations on learning the Mac! You will have it down in no time and be posting pictures from it as well. I think learning new skills and trying new adventures is what's going to keep us young.

You've got to watch out for those quiet ones!

Looks like SoCal may be in our future for sure, Sue. My husband heard from the people he met with out there.... Yikes! Don't know any time frame yet, like I said - YIKES!


blossoms vintage chic said...

Hi Sue,
So...Larry and I are not at CR today because today Feb. 4th is My Mom's 86th Birthday and we are spending the day with her!! How is that for a coinkydink!!!
Cindy and her husband do an incredible job styling all of their spaces...wish I had her vision! They flip those spaces in no time...(they are an amazing duo)!!!
Congrats on taking on this MAC task...that's incredible in itself!! You go girl (Larry said that)!!
See you tomorrow!