White Wednesday at Country Roads

Today is "White Wednesday" at Country Roads! And it is also my first "White Wednesday" with my new friend, the iMac! Not sure if we've become that good of friends yet, but since the old PC died, I'm sure we will get along very well as the days go by. The one thing that I love about my store, Country Roads, is the variety of great stuff we have. Just looking all all the different "whites" today shows the variations. Here are a few of my favorites!

I'm joining Kathleen today for White Wednesday.  Kathleen is having her own problems with her camera, so my hopes are those issues are working out for her as well. I absolutely fell in love with the little white child's roll top desk and ruffled white bench above. If my granddaughters didn't already have little desks in their rooms, I would have bought the desk above for one of them!! Take care.


marcela cavaglieri said...

I think that you and your Mac will be best of friends pretty soon...you'll see!!!

Mary said...

I love the coral lamp! It's even more beautiful in person, so much eye candy at the store!

The Boston Lady said...

You and Mac seem to be getting along quite nicely now. I love that cabinet in the first shot and the little roll top desk in the last - it all looks great! Ann