I love little vignettes. I don't know what it is about a small grouping of things that just seem to go together? I do know though that I love 'em. The little vignettes in this post are mine in my home. The one above is just an small suitcase with some shells, seafans, and an old vintage door plate added to it the mix.

I got this little medical fold out cabinet a few weeks ago. All the drawers are labeled and I love all the wear and tear it's got on it.

I love old paint brushes. There was this random old radio part at Country Roads that called my name. I wasn't sure at the time what I would do with it. I ended up putting an old picture of me and my Dad in it and sat it on top of the old brushes.

My grandkids little cowboy boots, and my son Bryce's are the second on the left, the little brown ones. My Mom gave them to him when he was just a little guy. I still have to pick up a pair for my newest grandbaby Brooklyn. I love buying the vintage kids cowboy boots for my babies!

What is about old books, especially children's books? They always call my name!

A collection of big old light bulbs and old paint brushes sit in an old locker basket.

I love, love, love old architectural elements. They make a great backdrop for anything including my plant in an old loving cup.

I fell in love with this heavy, silver "mermaid angel"! I just had to have her.

One of my very, very favorite old advertising signs that hold my old swimming caps. I've had this sign forever!!

My folks wedding picture sits in an old deco frame next to my Maui champagne from several years ago.

I have a little shelf in my bathroom that my orchids and some shells sit on. Everyt ime I see one of these small advertising bottles or tins, I add 'em to my collection. I guess little vignettes, for me, always have some kind of story to tell or a memory to preserve! Please take some time go see my friend Debra's blog for some more "Be Inspired Friday" blog posts! There is, without a doubt, some great eye candy! Have a great day.


Candy said...

What fun vignettes. I enjoy grouping things also. In retail, I think these 'vignettes' are what help items sell.
Thanks for sharing.

Mammabellarte Rita Reade said...

Sue I love this!
You have some amazing treasures.
Ciao Rita

Debra@CommonGround said...

love them, those boots are so great all lined up!

Recycled Rita said...

I love everything in the first picture...and those boots are adorable! And of course the seaside/wayside book tugs at my heart! hugs! karen....

deb said...

hi..can u tell me if Debbie Taylor still has a spot at Country roads...I miss her things!!!

Durango Boots said...

Are those Durango Boots?