My Beach Babes!

It's summer, and the weather has been nice, so Gramma's girls are "ready" for the beach! My dear, sweet RuFie (is what Riley calls Ruthie) sent this little swimsuit to Morgan before she was born. It has a skirt and sandals to match. Justine was so excited yesterday, because Morgan can now fit into it! Here are some more photos of my "beach babes"!

Riley had decided she was done posing for the "Beach Babe" photos, and actually she did have a swim lesson to go to. The little afghan she is covered up with is what Riley and I call her "special blanket". My mom had crocheted it for Katie before she was born, and now Riley uses it. One day I may be able to "let go" of it and give to Riley to take home, but not just yet. I think I still need "my" blanket for awhile longer because it was reminds me how happy my mom would have been to see not only Riley with her special blanket, but with Morgan when she gets big enough to use the one my mom made for Bryce! Hope you all are having as much fun this summer as I am!


delighted heart said...

Do you think they make that swimsuit in my size? It is just too cute! Know you are haveing a blast with the new one! The beach sounds like just what I need. Warm sand, cool breeze and sleep!

trash talk said...

I love the photo of the two of them...looks like Morgan already adores her big sissy!
How wonderful that you still have the "blankie" for all your girls to enjoy. I have Jenn's also. I need to get it out and wash it in Dreft for her. I still have the blankets we brought her home in. Thanks for reminding me...I need to get them all ready for Miss Bella!

Sue said...

Thanks for the nice comment Debbie. Riley and Morgan are cousins, Riley's mom is my daughter Katie, and Morgan's dad is my son Bryce. But we all are always together, and Morgan does kind of look like Riley!