Blog Updates!

I may have mentioned this before, but on my sidebar on the right side is a list of blogs a do for a handful of my dealers at Country Roads. They pay me a small amount and I set up their blog and link it to mine as well as keeping it updated a couple of times a week! Yesterday I sent some time getting everyone updated on the same day. I just wanted to encourage you to go visit them if you have some time. I've got some recent pictures posted of the merchandise they sell. They all have really great stuff, and hey, if you do visit them, leave 'em a comment so they know you've been there. And of course, if anything catches your eye, just give us a call at the store and you can purchase it over the phone, it's that easy!!


Malisa said...

Hey, girl, update mine! :)


trash talk said...

I'm next, after Mal!