Baby Bella's Little Buddies!

Hi baby Bella! I'm Riley, and I have a little cousin named Morgan. We've never been to a party online, but my Gramma said this was "portant" that I hold the sign and smile. I'm sorry Gramma that it took you forever to take this photo! I know I was giving you a hard time. I guess you can tell by this picture, I was kind of making it hard for Gramma to take the picture, but I just didn't want to hold the stupid sign!!This is when I was being really naughty and just threw the sign on the floor, sorry Gramma. I was better when Gramma gave me three quarters for my piggy bank, as you can tell in the first picture! This is my little cousin Morgan. She is almost two months old. I think Gramma was so frustrated with trying to take my picture that when she typed Morgan's sign, she forgot to put the word "name" on the sign. Morgan doesn't do a lot because she is little like you. I've been trying to teach her to play "patty cake", I think that is what she is doing in this picture. Look Bella, Morgan is trying to smile for you. Her and I have also been working on the smiling thing. Sometimes when I wiggle her nose it makes her smile! Morgan and me just want to tell you thanks so much for letting us come to your party. Gramma told me that, wait let me get this right, "Baby Bella is a very special, sweet little girl". There, I think I said that right! And there was one other 'portant" thing I was suppose to say. . . oh, if all the other people that read what I told Gramma to write on her blog, that there is a "lunk" or maybe it was "link" to your story to go read it on your Mommy's blog thing! Don't ever, ever forget that me and Morgan love you!! And thanks Gramma for writing what I told you to say, I love you too, Riley.


The Texas Woman said...

Too cute, even if Gramma forgot the word "name." Dumb Gramma!

trash talk said...

Dear Riley and Morgan,
Bella has a little trouble reaching the keys, so I'm doing the typing for her. She wants me to tell y'all that she thinks both of you are "portant" too and mighty special. You must get the mighty special from your gramma!
She loves your blonde hair and smile! Morgan, she said she didn't care if name was left out, she still thinks you are gorgeous. Thank you both for coming to her shower and for your sweet faces!

David said...

Awwww! Cute kiddos!

The Renaissance Chick said...

All my favorite girls in one room...Riley, Morgan and Bella! Now if we only had Madisyn!


Mindy said...

Great post! Love the kids with their notes in pics. Great idea. ~Mindy

Jodie (everything vintage) said...

Awe too cute! What a great little post from the kiddies!!!! She looks like she was having a blast!
everything vintage