We're Winners Again, Thank You!

The magazine isn't out yet, but I got a phone call yesterday from a reporter from the O.C. Register. I found out that we had just been voted the number one antique store in Orange County! I was kind of surprised, as I forgot all about that. We have such good, loyal and caring customers that went out of their way to vote for us. Somehow, "thank you" doesn't seem to say enough, even though it is heartfelt!! I remember a couple of months ago when Country Roads won first place with the LA Fox11 Hotlist for the BEST antique store in Orange County. I guess it reminds me what wonderful, awesome customers we have. Also, I'm so blessed to have such great dealers be a part of my Country Roads family. They put together such awesome displays and bring in such quality merchandise! They are the best. And who keeps it all going and makes our customers so happy they want to vote for us? The staff, I am so lucky to work with this group of kids that truly knows the meaning of "customer service". Wow, being the "best" twice now is really a nice feeling. I can't thank everyone enough, and thanks to all of you that voted for us again!


trash talk said...

I love being famous through association!!! Congratulations. Just goes to show what hard work and believing in your dreams will do!

Malisa said...

Girl, girl, girl! It's like having a friend who wins American Idol! You are like the Energizer Bunny...you just keep winning and winning and winning!



Teresa said...

Sue is the rockin'est!