Another CR Makeover!

We were SO unbelievably busy yesterday, that my legs are screaming at me, "please don't make us go back to the store today, we're tired"! They'll get over it as we head back for another day at my favorite store, Country Roads. I've been trying to take some pictures of all the makeovers that are going on at the store, but when you are as busy as we have been, it makes it difficult. Yesterday, I did have a few minutes to run back and take a few pictures of Kate's area. She has taken and additional little space across from where is has been. Here's a few quick pictures that I took very quickly yesterday.

I have to caution any of you that are looking at these pictures and think you see something you might like. Kate's stuff sells very quickly and she changes things up just about every other day. So, I suggest you come down to see us soon! To all of you that kept us so busy yesterday, "thank you"! We appreciate each and every one of you. And you were all so nice as well. Our customers are the best. Take care.


Boogieboard Cottage said...

I love Kate's style. I follow her blog~ Salvage Dior. That way I get to see additional pictures of Country Roads, as well as the beautiful way that she decorates her home. Mary :O)

Kate said...

Hi Sue
All of the makeovers are amazing that are going on at the store. Working as a team and being a part of the Country Roads family is truly a reward within itself. The best part of yesterday was being able to spend a few minutes chatting with you. I know how busy you are with customers, the phones etc. It was such a treat!!

Hope your legs feel better

lifespassion said...

Love the pic of your dad on your header. I'm just sayin'!

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Now I have 2 little spaces where to shop from...I always find something at Kate's!

Vintage Market Place said...

LOVE Kate, her beauty comes out in her space.
She is a wonderful person and her taste is so shabby but elegant.
Can't wait to come shop her new spot too.
Congrats on the shop being so busy
good way to start the year off!

Faded Charm said...

Kate always has the best stuff. A good sign that you are busy after the New Year. Maybe those legs need a long soak in the tub tonight.

Take care,