Monday Morning Ramblings

The past three days have been really busy at my favorite store, Country Roads! Our customers were "shoppin' till they dropped", which was greatly appreciated. Especially since we are doing so many makeovers this month. I had time to take a few quick pictures yesterday. I wish I could have found more time because we do really have some great stuff at Country Roads right now!

As I mentioned, we are doing a whole lot of moving around this month. It is our verision of our own Extreme Shop Makeover! Below are a couple of areas that are blank canvas waiting to be filled. In the first "green" photo, our new dealer (I sadly forgot his name, I think it is Steve), started his makeover right away with his signature green paint. Waiting to see what happens next. The photo below is truly the blank canvas. Sue Lennon will be moving in this week, and I've very excited to see what her, and my boy Bryce will create.
My Country Roads "boys" were out at Rose Bowl yesterday. Mike was there, along with Tim and Bryce. Apparently they stumbled across a few familiar faces, and couldn't resist striking a pose!
In the first photo is Mike posing with Tori Spelling. The above is Tim, getting all up close and personal with Heidi Klum! Not sure why Bryce wasn't up close and personal with any of the celeb's? Maybe a bit camera shy. I love to put together slide shows of Country Roads for all of you. My time has been so tight and limited lately that I apologize for not doing that. But. . .I do have a small slide show done by one of our dealers, Stacey! If you click on Stacey's name, it will directly take you to her blog and you can see some wonderful pictures of some of the wonderful things we have at Country Roads right now. AND, she is one of "those" of you that have the really nice cameras! Hope you all have a great week. Take care.


Tallulah's Antique Closet said...

How cool is that to meet the CELEBS! And to find out some of the young ones like to collect antiques and vintage goodies. Thanks for sharing the pics and have a good day.............Julian

Vintage Market Place said...

Oh I just love Tori!
it is amazing when I shop out there at the fleas how many famous people you see standing next to you admiring the same junk we are.
And WOW that is some GREEN paint.
Can't wait to see what he makes of that!!!

Malisa said...

I am surprised that the celebs do their own shopping! Of course they would pose with your dealers because Country Roads dealers are stars too!

trash talk said...

I agree with Mal...hard to tell the stars from the vendors without a score card! That's just fun.