Extreme Makeovers at CR

As I mentioned last week, seems like at the beginning of each new year, Country Roads changes things up. And we don't waste time doing it either. The space above belongs to Eileen Johnson. And those of you that shop with us know that the big spaces in the first building have floors on them that came from the old Laguna Beach boardwalk. The problem has been that some of the floors aren't that stable. Eileen made the decision to have her floor taken out and to give her space a brand new look! With the help of Bryce and her husband, Carl, here is Eileen's new look. And since the concrete floor below was put in when our building was built in 1919 it has an awesome look to it!

There are several other areas at Country Roads that are changing up. The first picture below will be painted and prepped for a brand new dealer that specializes in European antiques. Can't wait to see what he (sorry, I did forget his name) will do with this area of the store.
Below is a picture of Robin & Steve's space. They are scaling down to a smaller area. For those of you that shop with us, this is the space on the first aisle straight down from the front door with the big old window shop case. Yesterday Bryce and Matt took out the window and what a difference! It opened the space up so much. Sue Lennon, who is currently under the stairs, will be moving into this space above. I'm very excited to see what she will do with it. Her style and display are unique and I love the "look" that she brings to Country Roads. I've lusted after this couch ever since Sue brought it in. It was priced at $1000, so obviously, I couldn't "justify" paying that, no matter how much I loved it. To my surprise, she had the couch marked down yesterday to $550. A customer placed a bid of $400, she countered at $425 and the customer walked away. I swallowed my guilt and I can now say the couch is mine! The one way all of us in this business can justify buying something we have guilt about is we can turn around and sell something. So, I have to old Morris chairs on their way to Country Roads with price tags on them. I hope you all find some time to stop by and is all of our extreme makeovers this month. I'll have more pictures of these up soon!!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

I can't recognize the first space with the new floors!! I'll check it out soon. That sofa is great!!!!

Vintage Market Place said...

aww, sad the floor had to go but it looks great with the concrete.
Lucky you, in the right place at the right time! What a steal!!!
I bet you see so much stuff go that your heart loves, I would be horrible at running a shop as yours, I wouldn't let anything out the door.
Take care
Now cuddle up on your new couch and take some time for yourself to enjoy it.

the old white house said...

That concrete floor is gorgeous! All of the years show through to make it perfection! Now as for your new sofa... pure perfection! You are so lucky! Theresa xoxo

time worn interiors said...

I love that concrete floor and that couch! OMGoodness you are so lucky to get that! Can't wait to see it in your house!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

lets try this again. I can't wait to see a photo of the new sofa in your house. You have such a good eye. Great purchase!!!

Annie Louise said...

Oh my, can't wait to get to Country Roads to see the changes first hand, they look great in the pictures and congratulations on your beautiful, stunning sofa.
Take care,

Maureen said...

Haha! Shopping your own shop can be a problem. Been there, done that!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

Awesome sofa...lucky girl!