Another Month. . .GONE!

I am not surprised that this is the last day of January. I was hoping that somehow, some tiny little way, things would slow down for me. I guess it's not my time yet. We've had a lot of changes going on this past month at Country Roads. In my opinion, "the store" really looks good right now. Everyone is working hard "together" to make Country Roads a destination. I just took some random pictures over the week-end. Thought I would share them with you.

As you can tell, here is another blank canvas just waiting to be turned into a beautiful masterpiece. Right now, hard at work on this one is Lori Martin and her daughter Jamie. They will fit in just perfectly with our Country Roads family! And speaking of new CR family, poor Darrin from "Paris to the Moon" won't be able to open up tomorrow. I got a call on Sunday, and poor Darrin is in the hospital with pneumonia. We all wish him the best and a speedy recovery so we can put him back to work! And lastly. . . are any of you fans of the A&E Show called "Storage Wars"? Well, they will be paying us a visit here at Country Roads very soon to do some filming. They are going to have a few have their "found treasures" appraised at "the store"! Can't wait to see the episode and I am also very grateful to have Country Roads be included in "Storage Wars". When I find out the date we will be on, I will let you know. And as always, "thanks" for continuing to shop with us, we appreciate you!


Malisa said...

Love,Love...Double Love that liquor sign! Wowsers! Ship that to me, will you?

Vintage Market Place said...

omg I am addicted to that show!
I think when I was in orange last i was even in Jarrod's shop with my sis.
This show gets my blood pumpin'
You will have fun for sure with these guys.

Two Wild Roses Antiques said...

Yeah!! We cant wait to paint tommorrow :). Poor Darren i hope he will be ok. See you tommorrow Sue

Boogieboard Cottage said...

I've never seen that show, is it on cable? We're probably the only family in the universe who doesn't have cable. Anyway, though, that's exciting! I'll try to watch on Hulu on my computer.

I know I don't know him, but I'll be praying for Darrin, pneumonia is serious, I've had it, it's quite painful. I hope he get's well soon! Mary :O)

trash talk said...

How cool. Cat Daddy watches that show, so I'll be watching for you!