BSC Sundays, Easter Sale, & Earthquakes!

Wow, I really thought "BSC" Sundays wouldn't hit yesterday; you know with it being Easter and all! I should have known I was in trouble when all three of my kids went "BSC" on me. I think everyone was arguing with each other BEFORE the store even opened! Good times!! Country Roads did start out pretty mellow, not very crowded and people were pretty easy going. Then by late afternoon, the "BSC" in some of our special customers started to come out. I knew we were in trouble. One was paranoid we wouldn't tag her layaway. Three of us tried to reassure her that we may "look" like we know what we are doing, but trust me, we've been doing this along time and know exactly where it is. Another "special" lady continued on a tangent about getting an item that was marked 20% off for even less than that. She was like a dog with a bone, wouldn't let go! I think we all took a turn with her! One of these days, I promise you, I'm going to look at one of "those" people and say, "hey, about FREE"!! Morgan stopped by for a visit in her Easter dress. Brande introduced her to our mascot, the bull with the cop hat. I tried to edit the "red eyes" but one remained red. Maybe she is signaling us that it WILL be a "BSC" Sunday! As we neared closing, and the customers were becoming more and more "BSC", it happened, the big 7.2 earthquake. Katie is wrapping a plate and asks me, "are you jumping on the loose board"? We have a platform at the counter and one of the boards is loose. I told her I wasn't and she thought she was not feeling good. Katie sits down, says she feels dizzy. And me and my Japanese customer, we continue with her order still don't notice anything. THEN, all of a sudden, this older hippy biker says, "wow, this is like a drug trip from the 70's, we're having an earthquake and it's STILL going"! I still don't feel it. But at that point, I too felt a bit light headed but started looking around the store. Chandeliers were swinging for quite awhile. A big wicker swing kicked into action as well. It was a little creepy to see all the stuff moving for such a long time. When I got home after my "BSC" Sunday, I looked outside at my pool. The cover on the filter had been knocked off, about an inch of water "left" the pool and was on the deck along with a big puddle of water in the street where the overflow water goes. Did I mention, I hate earthquakes! With all that behind me, all my family arrived for Easter. My sister Teri, and her partner, Linda kindly brought over the entire dinner and set it all up as well. I can't even begin to tell you how awesome that was! The girls went on their Easter egg hunt, and as usual, they both spent some time in "my boy Bryce's" lap! I do want to thank all of you for shopping with us, I appreciate it. I also want to thank the "special" customers for shopping with too, as they give me a story to write about!


Maureen said...

Glad to hear you made out OK. Scary stuff!

Kate said...

Hi Sue,
What a day you must of all had. My sister truly enjoyed her visit to Country Roads. When we pulled up in front of the store she said " are we going shopping" since I had not told her about my space, then I said " no I am going to introduce you to my new family". She was so delighted and enjoyed her "finds". What a beautiful family you all are, I am blessed, blessed, blessed.

Have a wonderful Monday!!!

Take care

trash talk said...

I guess the customers are like animals...they can sense when an earthquake is about to happen and go crazy! I didn't know you felt light headed when one was occurring...wonder if I would know the difference!
It was so great getting to visit with your "family" while at Warrenton. I just love Gloria to pieces. She is such a fun and pretty lady. I still say...we have JUST got to get you to Texas.


lifespassion said...

Allright, I'm a newbie - what does BSC stand for??? My truck driver mind takes me to Bitchin' Shoutin' and Cussin'!

The Texas Woman said...

Yes, what DOES BSC stand for? I live in B/CS (Bryan/College Station) but somehow I doubt that you mean here. Since there was an earthquake under you, I though it might mean "Business shakin' and convulsing" but you mentioned BSC before you mentioned the quake. So, Sue, wha?

BellaRosa said...

Sue amor, glad I wasn't the only one that felt sick lol I was upstairs and completely froze up, felt like I was on a rocking boat...not a good feeling at all, left me feeling "off" till late that night, I was finally able to eat without feeling sick lol hmmm I wander if that feeling could be duplicated, I need to lose a couple of pounds lol I am glad to hear you all had a lovely Easter after all that :) sorry about the BSC day :) but think of all the great posts we all get out of it :) Besos, Rose

Faded Charm said...

Is someone trying to tell us something? All these earthquakes! Glad you didn't get any damage and good to hear you had a nice Easter with your family even after a hard day.

Take care,


Mandi said...

I love your BSC Sunday posts! And only YOU can make an earthquake sound funny. Glad you had a nice Easter, and that pic of Bryce and the girls is PRICELESS!

I"ll be down in two weeks, can't wait to see my fav store!


Nice and Easy Antiques said...

Between Easter eggs and moving chandeliers I thought of the store and hoped it was busy...sounds like you had a full day!!!

Sue said...

For those that don't know what "BSC" means, it goes like this. I have to give credit to Brande for coming up with it for our Sunday customers. It means, "Bat Shit Crazy"! Hope I don't offend any of you.