My Dogs Are Barkin'

Remember that stupid old saying, "my dogs are a barkin" in regards to your feet being sore. My feet ARE sore, and my legs, well they are howling!! We have been very busy at "the store"! And you are hearing no verbal complaints from me, so my legs and feet can shut up for a bit. I have been working a lot, as you can see Morgan helping me last night burn some midnight oil! Just full of those dumbass sayings this morning, aren't I? The "Marvelous Marcela" took on some more space. That chair has definitely been calling my name the past few days. What I love about Marcela is that she mixes vintage with some of her really cool creations! These aren't the best pictures, and will get some better ones up soon. Let's remember, I'm still using that ever so special cheap display camera that I bought at Target a few weeks ago. Sometimes it's nice to me, others days, well, I need to THROW it in my pool! One thing I really enjoy about some of our very special customers is all their knowledge. And they aren't at all hesitant about sharing. Some guy yesterday wanted me to buy a box full of his dead Granny's dishes. I made the mistake of telling him, "I really don't know much about that type of glass". He snapped back at me, "it's not glass, it's CHINA"! Well, bless his little heart! Yesi & I just laughed. The public is fun if you just go with it. Yesterday, I also was blessed to have one of our customers go on, and on, and on and never stopping to take a breath about how she just can't stand this industrial stuff. What are people thinking? I'm always polite because I really do enjoy people. You have to in this business, and you have to be able to listen. I will admit, listening isn't always the easiest thing to do at times. But none the less, I do respect my customers and hey, everyone wants to be heard in life. I told the customer that I really like the industrial look. One thing I like about it is that is the perfect example of recycling! And there are so many uses for these things. I do have to laugh at the term, "French Industrial". Somehow in this business, "French" adds value to things ;0} With that said, I'm working again today! Yes, my fourth day in a row which I usually don't do. But I got a good trade out of the deal. I'm off this coming "BSC" Sunday! Don't worry though, I will have a "guest writer" doing my post that day. My Monday's wouldn't be complete without a BSC Sunday story or two to share! The sun is shining today, feels like Spring, and I'm looking forward to going to "the store". We have had many out of state customers that have been awesome! Maybe our "locals" should take a lesson!


Vintage Market Place said...

I do have to say that I am so so glad that I have traded working with the public for motherhood, I just listen to stories from my sister who works retail and I shudder...Even if my mouth didn't get me in trouble my body language would.
Keep hangin' in there.

Tanza said...

Hi Sue,
Hahahaha ... you ALWAYS make me laugh !! What stories you have to share .. And, you do it all very nicely I might add !! You see, working with the public can be entertainment in its self .. We don't always need tv .. Hoping today brings you many nice, interesting customers, that spend lots of money :0 Have a happy day, it is a BEAUTIFUL one indeed ~
hugs ~tanza~

trash talk said...

What can we do...French can sell even three legged tables! You nailed that one for sure!
Enjoy your day off...you deserve it!

Anne Lorys said...

Fabulous photos! Lots and lots of great ideas here for my own booth. :-)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Malisa said...

Go, Morgan! She is great help, isn't she? I enjoyed your pics today. Of course, I LOVE your industrial items! French Industrial? Is that adding "ooh-la-la" to the end of the item description? :)