The "Quiet" One

Country Roads probably has maybe 80 dealers, not including their spouses, partners, etc. I've always been afraid to count, like the number might scare me if I "really" knew! So, as you can imagine, I deal with many, many personality types. I have to be very honest, the majority of our dealers are the best. And the ones that give me headaches, there thankfully isn't that many of them. I have some that I ALWAYS know what is going on, or if there are problems, or if this or that has happened. Then I have others that just go about their business, working well with everyone including our customers. One of our more quiet dealers, but definately one of our most talented, is Cindy Finch and her sidekick, also know as Bill, her husband, are the best! When I worked last week, my last day before a few days off, one of Cindy's displays is pictured above. It was awesome, all on this little porch everything was displayed in darker colors.And when I came in on Saturday, this is what I saw in the same little porch area. When Cindy does a "makeover" you have NO idea what she does. It is a project that always turns out to be amazing. She mixes stuff up, gives her spaces different looks and keeps our customers coming back again and again. Below are a few of Cindy's new displays!

This is an interesting business to be in. You deal with so many personalities. Then, as in my case, I have so many great dealers that have such class, and Cindy is definately one of them! She continues to just quietly work away creating great displays while always there for our customers if needed. Sometimes I think people that don't make a bunch of noise sometimes don't get the attention they deserve. So, with that said, this post is for Cindy and all that she does for Country Roads, we all appreciate you!!


Anonymous said...

This is what is fantastic about Cindy, when she give her spaces a new look, she gives them a completely NEW look. I don't know how she does it. You can be in the store one day, like you said, and then the next day everything has totally changed, new look, new stuff & great ideas!!

Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Well Cindy may be quiet but her space is screeming that I need to come see it! Wow, what great things she has. Wish I could?

Nice and Easy Antiques said...

She works hard and it pays off, her space looks always wonderful!

Tanza said...

WoW !! her space looks awesome, and right up my alley !! I always love when you share pics of the store, I don't feel like I miss a beat !! Hoping you have a wonderful day Sue ~
hugs ~tanza~

Allison Shops said...

Quite a makeover! Wish your store was in my town.


Jan LaFollette said...

What a wonderful dealer to have in your shop. You didn't mention "hard worker", Cindy is certainly that...it isn't easy to make such a major change in a short time. I'm sure she does well, she does everything right.

Raspberries and Rose Petals said...

She's a keeper! Amazing talent there!

Happy White Wednesday!


cindy-stitches-n-stuff.blogspot.com said...

Way to go Cindy, your the greatest, love the chippy white high chair.