Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to everyone. I'm up early, got a big day ahead of me. I've still got my baby girls Easter baskets to fill, and eggs with candy to hide! I want to put together a "a peep display" if I can find the time. Al, who is my friend Darcy's husband use to line them up outside on tooth picks. If I can only find the tooth picks! Outside, my bunny family sits in the garden, each of them smiling and celebrating Easter morning! The "peeps" in the garden are up early as well, just waiting for Easter to begin. They know how Riley loves to come over and rearrange them. Even the bunny on the gate this morning has a BIG smile on his face. And the "lone peep" on the front door is anxiously awaiting for the day to pass and it's time for "Easter dinner". He understands that he lives at a home where they leave early to go to Country Roads for a big Easter sale. He knows it makes them happy though to celebrate this wonderful day with all their customers and friends. And the best part of the day for this particular peep is when it gets closer to dinner time, and more family arrives home to celebrate Easter together!! Sometimes it isn't about the day or time you celebrate an event or holiday. It is ALL about "who" you celebrate it with. I'm hoping to see many of you, my favorite Country Roads friends and customers enjoying some of our great sale prices today. I'm hoping everyone remembers it's Easter and we don't have to witness any "BSC" moments. Wouldn't that be awesome? Although I would have no Monday morning stories to tell. I guess time will tell! And then, I head home to spend the evening with my family. Get to watch Riley hunt the eggs, and I'm guessing Bryce will be in the middle of it carrying Morgan to help on the Easter egg hunt as well. After all, it is her 1st Easter. Here's wishing you all a wonderful Easter Sunday, and hoping you have some time to spend it with those you love!


Kate said...

Happy Easter Sue

Sending my love to all of you at Country Roads. What a beautiful family you are and I am ever so grateful to be at the "magical place"


BellaRosa said...

Sue amor, I wanted to wish you and your family a beautiful Easter :) Ohh those peeps look so yummy! I am a firm believer that once you open a box...you have to eat that whole box..cause they never taste that fresh again...not even a ziploc baggie help lol Besos, Rose

ps..thank you for your sweet comment, your words truly made me smile!